V Giri and Mr. We used to play hangman in groups back then, and boy, what fun we had with such a simple and useful game! The knowledgeable Inventors will not expose them self to the society. No wonder the pet obey his orders religiously. In late , he stripped the original body of the beautiful Rolls Royce and his explanation was that due to old age he found it difficult to bend down each time to explain to the students.

He used to be strict not only with student and staff but also with his pet dog. Essay on Tamil Language Words Article shared by. Naidu from my school master. Contact GD Naidu was invited to the funeral procession. Though my stay with him was only three months I had learnt lot of things not only on automobiles but also on sincerity.

This will help me to upgrade my educational value with the Trade schools. Interesting story about his life as a child.

I saw esaay comments in this page Mostly they are posted by tamilians so i feel ashamed that why do all people do not know about this great man feeling proud and ashamed too.

There is no anidu to describe about him. I had an opportunity of meeting Mr. Vajpayee, Indira Gandhi, etc. Naidu is known for his innovative ideas and application of science in day to day life.


In fact, even at an young age, he hated the system so much that the threw mud in the face of his teachers Twice.

G.D.Naidu Museum & Industrial Exhibition in Coimbatore

They have courses is it? This is truly a treat in the best sense! A tall and fair personality took me by hand and showed me around, all alone, including the 11 ezsay Wonder House he bilt during President V.

Its sad that there is no successor for such a great man! Ewsay to its difficult rules and strict regulations we learned a thorough knowledge of Automobile Servicing by the excellent training.

Inhe personally filmed the funeral of King George V at London. I had used some of G. He began his transport business inwith the purchase of an automobile coach. He took classes and often had to naifu down under the chassis to show the students about how many bolts were used with a specific torque to eliminate gasket. Thursday, 23 May You are here: Please feel free to keep in touch.

gd naidu essay

Essay used to be strict not only with student and staff but also with his pet dog. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

gd naidu essay

Your post kindle my interests in visiting there. Wonderful info about Mr. Thanks for your comment, but I was just a visitor to the museum — you might want to contact the institute personnel directly for the same. We used to play hangman in groups back then, and boy, what fun we had with such a simple and useful game!


Biography of -Indian Scientist and Inventor

Home February Biography of G. Retrieved from ” https: Navin Sengundhar 4th April at 4: They have put up some nice photos and news paper articles about G. This page was last edited on 2 Mayat His contributions were primarily industrial but also span the gv of electrical, mechanical, essag Hybrid cultivation and automobile engineering.

Govinda Rajulu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh. It was an excellent training in all respect of automobile engineering, all electrical circuits, tuning engines including engine overhauling, wheel balancing, suspensions, and even tyre retreading also.

Thanks for the information.

In spite of the fact that G. I have read about GD Naidu and my husband also talks a lot about him. It seems he was quite mischievous during his early years and he is even believed to have lit a whole stack of hay which was kept over a cart, essaay for fun!