So I guess everyone got the “your app was competitive please apply again next year” email? I’m on their waitlist maybe you are too? Told to watch for an email with details. Accepted to New School with scholarship March 10th. Letter from the graduate school; refers questions to the department. I logged in and it says I’m accepted, but I haven’t heard anything from the department about funding.

We wish you well in your future plans and sincerely appreciate your interest in The University of Texas at Austin. Sign In Sign Up. Anyone else not receive an admissions decision yet from Miami? Rejected off the waitlist. Your official decision letter should arrive by mail in the next couple of weeks. Just got an email from the program director that I am at the top of the waitlist for CNF! To the person who previously posted.

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They sent out rejection letters very late or never sent them at all, as mine never arrived. Showing results over pages [ Full on freak-out here. To the post who had a rejection from Hopkins, did you receive an email at all?


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And the email was quite warm and sincere. So I just called yesterday and I was told that I crestive make the wait list. The other is basically a lottery.

gradcafe mfa creative writing 2013

She gave a very kind and generous response within a few hours. Was told I didn’t show up in the system and that they had already placed all the spots. Took about 5 days after submitting my portfolio and talking to the director. At least I finally know.

Haven’t heard from Brooklyn, Hunter, or Columbia. International, with US degree; I: Received exact gradcsfe last year. Wait listed from NYU on March 4th.

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you were accepted by Cornell, pls pls plssss creatove soon. I can now become a pauper!

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I saw an acceptance for poetry posted at the end of February. This was my second year of applying and I’m over the moon.

Commented on my writing sample and welcomed me to Lesley! I take it you want to stay in the area. Over today only past two days past week past month all time. Dear X, We had the pleasure of reading the first page of your writing sample.


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Got an email about a fellowship a few weeks ago, which according to an adcom, meant I was in a pool of 40 eligible candidates. They forgot to notify me!

I called and they didn’t have the shortlist, so Linda Z. The news left me heavy with grief, but I made a “failures” folder for gradafe email and added the rejection to it. Lovely, warm, personal conversation!

gradcafe mfa creative writing 2013

I then checked the website to find that I was rejected Help put things in perspective. GPA is from MA. Please let us know what you think on the Forum or Email Us.

Just hope I make it to stage III acceptance, because that’s what really matters heh.