No email — just checked the website when I saw that other people had been rejected. We had to turn down a number of very talented people with very impressive records, many of whom no doubt will go on to distinguished careers. I received the same email saying that my app was “competitive” and they would encourage me to apply again next year. She was so kind. Too bad someone from the actual English Department can’t take a second to type up a specific rejection for those who applied to the CW PhD Our admissions committee sincerely admires your work. Haven’t heard from Brooklyn, Hunter, or Columbia.

Got an email about a fellowship a few weeks ago, which according to an adcom, meant I was in a pool of 40 eligible candidates. International, without US degree; O: Told to watch for an email with details. Otherwise, it still feels too early to get stressed. This year’s list goes like so: I haven’t heard anything from Miami and applyweb doesn’t say anything.

I have other acceptances but am sorry this one didn’t pan xreative. Don’t forget to use our sort and time filters to refine the results.

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For the people wondering about Miami Ohio: Portal notification to click through to the decision. Wondering if this grarcafe all an elaborate prank. Accepted off the waitlist. PS Why does yours say caffeinated and mine says decaf?


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Gonna start my own dang program. A nice and succinct email from a great program. I applied in poetry in order of preference: Then received an email stating I was accepted. Please let us know what you think on the Forum or Email Us. The program is amazing; congrats to whoever got in.

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A nice enough form email. I’m pretty disappointed as I was very writiing in this school. Finally, it worked out! I’ll let you all know what happens! Good News, thought that was cute! You will receive further information about this decision by email. If you know that you don’t want to go and you have been accepted, please let them know!

Posted January 17, Sign In Sign Up. My decision letter was posted from the graduate school, but I should be getting an email from the director of the creative writing program with specifics soon. Queried the director last week and received a kind rejection via email. No word yet on funding.

The program director called me.

gradcafe mfa creative writing 2013

I just reached out to someone at the school and they said that if we weren’t notified today, then we are probably waitlisted.


First school to let me know. Edited January 13, by discoantfarm. Just logged into online system on a whim, and there it is: They sent out rejection letters very late or never sent them at all, as mine never arrived.

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So I just called yesterday and I was told that I didn’t make the wait list. Someone on the forums posted that they were accepted to Miami Ohio in fiction. I received my acceptance Jan 25 via email telling me to check my portal which they updated to include the acceptance letter.

I believe that acceptances have gone out and there is a waitlist, but it takes a while to put it in the system or send out letters. Over today only past two days past week past month all time.

Received a kind and encouraging email that I had been waitlisted.