As the school’s statement to Dispatches points out: Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Though they had to walk quite a way from one faculty to another, pupils generally arrived at their lessons on time and with a minimum of fuss. Shortly before the general election, he gave a well-publicised fillip to the Tory campaign by resigning his post five years early, protesting against Ilea’s increasingly politically correct policies: More serious, she supported several attempts to change the ethos of Highbury Grove by amalgamating it with other schools.

Email required Address never made public. The nearest I got to poor behaviour was in a science lesson, when a year-old boy was being mildly disruptive by seeking attention from his mate when the teacher was talking. Despite having had a lung removed as a young man, he was a smoker for many years, smoking a pipe in front of his wife and cigarettes everywhere else. This is my th blog post on headguruteacher. Unless I visited the school on an atypical day, I can truthfully report that what I saw gave me much pleasure.

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Lawrence Norcross

He denounced “armchair Red Guards” who wanted to control candidates entering the teaching profession and joined a committee for the defence of independent schools. Army officer who knocked out two Tiger tanks in Germany. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The schools have been reassured that the identities of pupils will be protected, but the schools will be named. April 14, How self-aware are you? Roger Digby and Brian Nighbury, who between them have notched up nearly 50 years at the school, say it is much calmer than it used grovee be.

At Highbury Grove we want every student to enjoy reading, because we know that students who read for pleasure succeed at school. It seems like a good moment to reflect on my homeowrk year as Head of Highbury Grove. When you watch the film, she is quite obviously a good teacher. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It would take a long time to list all the highs and lows — but I have tried to capture most of the journey via this blog.

Leading and Learning. Reflections on my first year at Highbury Grove | teacherhead

During break times and lunch, I talked to pupils, with my minder at a discreet distance. Assembly ideas and materials. Nicola Garrard, an English teacher and former researcher at Cambridge University, arrived in More serious, she supported several attempts to change the ethos of Highbury Grove by amalgamating it with other schools.

But, gove my prior experience prepared me well for some key elements of strategic thinking and armed me with some well-tested leadership tools, the day-to-day reality of school life makes this a different job altogether; I have been on a steep learning curve. But having been the chair of governors at a neighbouring school for the past 16 years, I can say that none of these claims is consistent homewirk my experiences of Highbury Grove, or anecdotal evidence from parents of children at the school.

Settling in, he explained that he planned to run the school like Boyson, with uniforms, homework and a tradition of hard work. Frances Morrell, the Ilea leader, responded by saying that inspectors had criticised Highbury Grove for failing standards and that Norcross had refused to implement their findings, adding: The programme shows some shockingly bad behaviour, but more worrying is the failure of the inspections system.


highbury grove homework

A teacher patrol system, with staff in contact by radio, means that when fights do occur, they are dealt with quickly. Norcross, who was appointed OBE inretired to Warwickshire. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

highbury grove homework

Schoolchildren like continuity, so they feel let down when their permanent teacher is absent, no matter the reason. Bill Clark, director of school services at CEA Islington, the private company that provides education services in the borough, says: Students may use the grpve before school, at break, lunch time and after school to borrow books, read, study and do homework.

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highbury grove homework

Water rocket completion, brings engineering to life during science week! April 22, From research to the classroom: In our opinion, a person who is engaged in another, conflicting role – such as undercover filming to expose indiscipline in the class – is not in a position to manage a class. But our views of the school are so different that one has to ask the two questions that were constantly put to me by the staff of Highbury Grove. Recent Comments rosemariefrost on Studying successfully: For this reason the library organises many activities promoting reading for pleasure, e.