Make sure you have finished the box on waterfalls and the advantages they can bring. The main reason for this is to protect its image as a newly industrialised country; that it does not need to rely on other countries for economic help. River flooding and management. Shock is definitely something that can be used. Homework for Feb 6th: These chaste attendants of Artemis who have left the protection of their paternal households to live in the woods consequently fall victim to other deities or semi-divine characters.

Local plantations were inundated by water, endangering the local rubber, tea, coffee and spice industries. Highlight and note the sheets on the Mississippi case study. The site is self-funded and your support is really appreciated. For Friday, Oct 24th: Firstly to link to various online materials that could be interesting or useful to the students. You will also find some revision material for the summer exams on this page.

Year 10 Geography homeworks Please scroll down to find your homework tasks for the week. In terms of profit, if all ties with the university were eliminated, an athletic program acting as its own separate entity could compete with slireshare fortune companies.

Typhoon Haiyan, the Philippines, Nov Remember to include place-specific details and data. Simon Renshaw has sent a really well-executed Google Tour of the Holderness coast.

Marine Deposition Read ztudy and turn the text on Marine Deposition into a series of diagrams to explain the process.


holderness coast case study slideshare

Yateendra Joshi Oct 30,views. Investigating Wind Energy with Google Earth. Ensure you have finished the diagrams and explanations of the different river features: For example the hokderness could be used to discuss matters arising from homework assignments, examinations or current affairs. Investigating Wind Stkdy gets students to use a number of fairly simple, yet powerful applications to arrive at a decision about a site for a wind farm.

One of the submitted designs Look out for SketchUp. Some Indians have opened up their homes for people from Kerala who were stranded in other cities because of the floods.

Holderness coast case study cliff collapse

Here is the link to the case studies which should download and adapt to your needs. Make sure you have stjdy the box on waterfalls holdernes the advantages they can bring. After the first session they have come up with some suggested sites for a new hospital, designed to be safe from earthquakes. H omework for Friday, Oct 10th: Read pages of the text books and then do the following: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

For example, in MLA, a citation may look like: This is a classic coastal place study, and the tour makes use of map extracts and the excellent photgraphs by Andrew Stacey.

holderness coast case study slideshare

Shock is definitely something that can be used. Homework for Friday, March 13th: How can the three main types of cloud be further sub-divided see p 4.

Revision lesson 2: Crowded Coasts

Cause with diagrams Effects in different countries: Every student dreams of landing an outstanding job when they step out of university, and for that, they need to prove they are the very best. There are a large number of migrants from Kerala working in the UAE.


Draw out a series of c artoons on the five ways of dealing with earthquakes p Hodder 4. Do a title page entitled “Plate Tectonics” 2. This was supported by a number of Bollywood stars.

The MAGIC interactive mapan excellent UK government resource provides geographic information on a wide range of environmental themes. Revise for the internal exams – complete the revision booklets to hollderness you prepare and look at the websites as well as your own notes and the textbook. Give this union joy so they may not find it other worldly pleasures.

Holderness coast case study cliff collapse

The lesson also uses the DTI wind speed database. Complete activities on the River Processes worksheet.

holderness coast case study slideshare

Between August 1 and 19, the state received The low-pressure regions pull in the moist south-west monsoon winds, increasing their speed, as they then hit the Western Ghats, travel skywards, and form rain-bearing clouds.