Nevertheless, Kurama’s life is spared after noticing Yusuke preparing to use his spirit gun in retaliation. Twelve DVD compilations, each containing either three or four episodes of the saga, have been released by Funimation. The final member of Team Rokuyukai is Chu , introduced as a drunkard. Yusuke later counterattacks with a series of punches, yet Jin flies after being hit in the stomach. It is then that Genkai turns the tables on Shishiwakamaru by using her spirit reflection blast against his attack. Kuwabara lands in another stadium, meeting up with Botan, Keiko, Shizuru, and Yukina. While Jin has initiated a double tornado fist, Yusuke begins to use the spirit wave technique.

She’d never want to give her power to someone who would be okay with killing her for it. Genaki greatly relieved smiles and tells Yusuke he’s finally completed the training. However, Kurama deceives Roto by conversing with him until a seed Kurama planted in Roto at the start of the round blooms, killing Roto from the inside. Luka , the nurse of the Dark Tournament, is summoned to hold custody of Hiei and the masked fighter, creating a barrier around them, and rendering them unable to escape due to their depleted spirit energy. Yusuke and Chu agree to have a hand-to-hand combat with one foot pressed against the edge of a knife, with the loser receiving death at the hands of the victor.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Genkai goes on to create a spirit wave orb and fuses it into Yusuke’s body telling him the pain would be excrutiating and would either fuse with his hmework or tear him apart from the inside out. The spirit beast of Yusuke, as his ordeal succeeding his death a year ago, has hatched, resembling that of a penguin, now named Puu.


To The Island of Hell Transcription: It is then that Yusuke reminisces of when he trained under Genkai, mourning for kurmaa death. Yusuke wakes up and runs into the forest after sensing the Younger Toguro’s immense spirit energy.

A Baptism by Light Transcription: A Trial to the Limits of Sorrow Transcription: Yusuke struggles as he bears the pain of the spirit wave orb within him. Kurama defeats Toya by implanting his plants into his own body to use as a weapon, however falling unconscious. Kurama breaks free of paralysis, but is denied access to his spirit energy. He asks her to please take care of Puu for him.

The Yoko Awakened Transcription: Kuwabara watches over Yusuke in the hotel room, Kurama spectates the fights, and Hiei goes to the seashore to improve his technique.

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Kurama unexpectedly uses his rose whip with his hair to severely wound Gama, gradually bleeding to death. They are evenly matched as homeworl have exhausted all of their spirit energies.

Ichigaki took command of Yen, Ryu, and Kai using the blood-saver node as his invention. Settled After 50 Years Transcription: While Yusuke sleeps due to exhaustion from training, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, and the masked fighter quickly dispose of the attacking competitors, qualifying for the next level of the tournament in the process.


homework ga owaranai kurama

The legality of the battle is called into question, concerning the occurrence of disqualification. Yusuke is told that he must take Genkai’s life in order ta take her power and to meet Genkai in the nearby cave when he’s decided. Left no choice and feeling helpless, Yusuke and his allies begin a two-month training period.

Views Read Kjrama View history. After realizing this, they essentially refuse to fight and Team Ichigaki gains the upper hand very quickly. Utsukushiki Senshi ” Japanese: Rinku’s Secret Technique Transcription: Koenma finds Yusuke in deep depression over Genkai. Saigo no Shudan ” Japanese: Both contenders prepare for their ultimate attacks.

homework ga owaranai

However, the Elder Toguro’s regenerative abilities makes Kuwabara’s attacks useless. Anime and manga portal. A Beautiful Warrior Transcription: Soon after, Yusuke is seen walking towards Genkai.

Yusuke takes them all on and is able to sense and counter their attacks. Genkai is resurrected in the Living World as the prize for winning the tournament. Bakken uses his sweat glands to create a fog of mist in the ring, attacking a blindsided Yusuke.