Click on Search for ongoing or completed projects. Journals must be listed in: To do this submit your submission electronically asap and then print the form carrying signatures. Wait for the outcome of your pre-Honours application First await the outcome of your pre-Honours application so you know if your application was accepted or not. Enrolment will need to be finalised by 26th of February.

The main purpose with the pre-Honours application is to identify students having enough motivation to do these preparations before the course starts. A personal profile is necessary to login here and access more functionality. The focus is on learning by doing. Read more on advice for doing a systematic literature review. Once copyright issues are sorted out proceed to the next item.

Quality assessment of each publication. However, all other components must be submitted on this website. Submit your student report 1. This web system will not be involved in the entry and exit seminars. Submit your Honours thesis for grading. At least a Masters by Research not Masters by course work.

honours thesis jcu

Although it does extend graduation from MBBS by one year, it has the advantage of allowing total devotion to a research project. The final decision of appointing assessors is made by the Honours program coordinator. You will need to submit an amendment to all involved the ethics committees including JCU adding yourself as an investigator.


The first hurdle is uonours assessment of your pre-Honours application.

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Submit your student report 4. The other advisor does not need icu have any affiliation with James Cook University and they do not even need to have their work place in Queensland given that they jci happy advising you on distance. The reason for this is to ensure you can continue your studies in case the pre-Honours application is not approved. You will find different lists. Do you want to engage in research? Documentation that you are an Honours student A copy of a document showing that you have enrolled in the Honours program.

The prior approvement was made when your project proposal was honpurs. JCU staff have access to this. Following these guidelines will give you a manuscript that has the best possible chances of being accepted for publication and getting the highest possible marks. The student mainly responsible constructs a screening tool to help identify publications fulfilling inclusion criteria, a data extraction tool to collect information from each included publication and a quality assessment tool.

honours thesis jcu

Submit your student report 4. Which application you submit will depend on your Honours program and situation:.

honours thesis jcu

You could still continue to pursue your research project in your own pace without the deadlines of the Honours course. Currently Darwin does not allow you to be enrolled in the Honours program during year hhonours. The web form will produce the confirmation form when you finalise your project pre-Honours application.


The Honours program has a strong focus on actually doing research in a structured environment with personal advisors and course specific support. Now enrol into the Honours subjects for study period 1 and 2 on eStudent.

The Honours course Consists of mandatory formal teaching. Contact the Honours site coordinators in the site where you will be most of the time when you would do Honours. Don’t wait too long because then your review will be out of date. You will usually get some feed-back from the JCU assessors on your thesis.

If your manuscript ends up there then it will be found and read. Marks are ratified by the CMD Honours committee.

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Although it does extend graduation from MBBS by one year, it has the advantage of allowing total devotion to a research project. Staying abroad will result in higher costs mainly honorus and accommodation. This depends on if you can get a leave from clinical teachings and placements that occurs at the same time.