Outline of epistemology Alethiology Faith and rationality Formal epistemology Meta-epistemology Philosophy of perception Philosophy of science Social epistemology. Towards the Twenty First Century. Hume’s Epistemology and Metaphysics: In the introduction to A Treatise of Human Nature , Hume wrote, “‘Tis evident, that all the sciences have a relation, more or less, to human nature Some trifling anecdotes are preserved of his good nature to women and children, and of humorous allusions to his opinions. Indeed he ingenuously acknowledges, that it was only in solitude and retirement that he could yield any assent to his own philosophy; society, like daylight, dispelled the darkness and fogs of skepticism, and made him yield to the dominion of common sense.

The treatment includes the arguments of atheism, Cartesian skepticism, “light” skepticism, and rationalist critiques of empiricism. A man that disbelieves his own existence, is surely as unfit to be reasoned with, as a man that believes he is made of glass. As to heat and cold, it will easily be allowed that they are secondary qualities, of the same order with smell, taste, and sound. For Hume, this refusal to grant credence does not guarantee correctness. The New Hume Debate. No doubt, where the impulse is strong and uncommon, it is as difficult to withhold attention, as it is to forbear crying out in racking pain, or starting in a sudden fright: The prejudice against Scots, however, was too strong, and Hume was reluctant to accept a troublesome position.

Dumb people retain hkme more of the natural language than others, because necessity obliges them to use it. Adam Smith later recounted Hume’s amusing speculation that he might ask Charon to allow him a few more years of life in order to see “the downfall of some of the prevailing systems of superstition. Neither is there any pleasure or pain of these senses which is not introduced, or followed, by some degree of its contrary, which nearly balances it.


The most authentic, according to Dr. Like a man that feels some pain or pleasure formerly unknown to him, he is conscious that he is not the cause of it himself; but cannot, from the nature of the thing, determine whether it is caused by body or spirit, by something near, or by something at a distance.

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Hume attended the University of Edinburgh at the unusually early age of 12 possibly as young as 10 at a time when 14 was normal. He also suggested that all religious belief “traces, in the end, to dread of the unknown. Again, the sensation of smelling is conceived to infer necessarily a mind or sentient being; but smell in the rose infers no such thing. He further argues that monotheism arises from competition wikisougce religions, as believers seek to distinguish their deities as superior to all rivals, magnifying those deities until they possess all perfections.

Hume was appointed judge-advocate by the general. He soon came to the verge of a mental breakdownsuffering from what a doctor diagnosed as the “Disease of the Learned”. In Norton, David Fate ed.

The donkey is incapable of forming a rational decision wikiskurce there is no motive to choose one bale of hay over the other.

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Dictionary of National BiographyErratap. The criterion for assessing a belief system for Hume is based on the balance of probability whether something is more likely than not to have occurred. Ideas seem to have something in their nature unfriendly to other existences.

I beg therefore, once for all, that no offence may be taken at charging this or other metaphysical notions with absurdity, or with being contrary to the common sense of mankind. He first shows that it is clear that most events are deterministic, but human actions are more controversial. And in like manner, as shall be shewn when we come to the sense of touch, certain sensations of touch, by the constitution of our nature, suggest to us extension, solidity, and motion, which are nowise like to sensations, although they have been hitherto confounded with them.


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Argument for the existence of God from design Problem of induction Is—ought problem. There are other prejudices against this system padsions human nature, which, even upon a general view, may make one diffident of it.

In fact, the fragment actually revised succeeded in rousing the attention of Kant, as of inferior writers, and so far justified the manoeuvre. Vincent treated Hume with disdain as a mere servant.

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It is said, though the evidence is only traditional ib. Christian usr Scholasticism Thomism Renaissance humanism. Hume’s Essay on miracles. I can conceive no otherwise of it, than as an odd and obscure circumlocution.

But why did he not prove the existence of his thought? It seems also Burtonii. Hume talked of this for some years, till see passages in Hillp. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. The Blackwell Guide to Hume’s Treatise. Hume’s critical realism, an exposition and a defenceToronto: This sensation of hardness may easily be had, by pressing one’s hand against the table, and attending to the feeling that ensues, setting aside, as much as possible, all thought of the table and its qualities, or of any external thing.

hume dissertation sur les passions wikisource

The remainder of the History became little better than a party pamphlet. Let all your Things have their Places.