Only if you haven’t met some of the people I have. Now for Nacchan’s essay! Luckily, Ichigo is friends with the 6th division vice-captain, Abarai Renji. But if there is a pairing at the end, it will be IchiRuki. I’m just curious to see how you got to it XD;. Why would KT made

I just don’t consider it being kidnapped to be honest. I thoroughly agree with it, very well written and the way you see Ichigo and Rukia reminded me of why I love these characters! Bleach is still a shonen show. Ironically,these people except Inoe,showing respects or value their love ones happiness. The said mascot is his and Masaki’s childhood hero.

Instead he gives her this look: Kurosaki Isshin never fails to give the siblings his so-called love by bear-hugging them. To sum up, while Ichigo and Rukia have esxay admitted to having any feelings for one another, there have been hints that they might be developing them.

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Fans have been calling parallels for years now, but until the IchiRuki FC at Bleach Asylum held a contest for Ichigo’s birthday last July, I’d yet to see any full-blown essays.

But honestly, if Ichigo made those faces at Orihime, I for one would believe that he was beginning to feel romantic feelings for her. You just know they have so much faith in each other, even at just the beginning. Ichigo criticizes his mother’s drawing skills, which confuses Kaien. His expression in Chapter He knew Kaien also had a hard time making the essay.


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Well, we do have rules. But if there is a pairing at the end, it will be IchiRuki.

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Maybe, the younger Kurosaki could describe his family by starting with himself. And if he’s inlove with Rukia then I’m sorry, but Ichigo and Chado are freaking soul matesok? She is such a sweet lady and she cooks very well.

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Because a couple isn’t made from a single persons feelings,it requires feelings from both of them. Yes, it is a freaking mansion!

That being said, I can agree with your entry on the most part. If Kubo didn’t want those two looks of Ichigo’s to have romantic significance, he could have had Ichigo make that face at someone else, some other time. Those two panels are only one of many examples and are, in my opinion, indisputably romantic.

Rukia didn’t push Ichigo to tell her about his Mom’s death,she just told him that she’ll wait till the time comes that he thinks it would be okay for him to tell her,because she knew he was HURTING ,when being reminded about the incident.

His mother’s skill is exceptional! January 11th, Kaien hopes his dad will learn how to appreciate art as much as how his mom loves his work. April 18th, I’m finding it saddening to see I’m also meeting less and less people that can stay open-minded when dealing with a couple not their own fandom.


His father, Ichigo, is a full-time doctor doing shinigami duties as part-time. However, the huge difference is that whenever Kaien gets lost, his uncle would suddenly show up and tell him where their room is.

Aah this essay is just seriously amazing! I don’t think anyonce can argue this is just coincidence, I love how the author broke the arcs down in these important story-telling points and paralells like ‘the goodbye scene’ en ‘first reunion’ etc. No one ever passes the tests of Ichigo and Toushirou. Ichuruki wouldn’t be able to tell you how she got it, I’m afraid.


While I do see the possibility of it being one sided from him, it is impossible from hers. He remembered their recent lover’s quarrel.

He took a deep breath then he screamed. He knows exactly what happened to him. Then Inoe being kidnapped by Aizen?