Clearly, the move from being labelled by others as taga ilog to being considered a homeowner, is seen as an important outcome of the PPHI. In , President Aquino publicly discouraged distant relocation of ISFs, instead the relocation would be limited to either near-city or in-city relocation sites; the idea being that the ISFs would then be able to commute back to their jobs in the NCR, and thus be able to keep their livelihood Murphy, Quezon city is also where the UPA office is located, and where I was living during the time of my field study. Accessed 5 May Moreover, the small stipend they receive and the livelihood project they engage in append their household incomes.

My UPA respondent reaffirmed that the problem lies in the amount of paper work that is necessary for each step of the process: As part of UPAs empowerment actions, the NGO has implemented cli- mate resilience education in order to strengthen the community and show the government that the families do not have to be relocated. On an aesthetic aspect, the Estero de Paco project is a vast improvement from the previous depressed condition of the area. The the- sis concludes that social capital, capacity building, and a mainstreaming of adaptation efforts are used by the urban poor community in order to gain support for their in-city housing initiative. In Search of a Sustainable Future.

According to Bourdieu social capital, as any type of capital, is a tangible or em- bodied form of power deriving from labour. Resolving the Adaptation Paradox: As seen in Figure 2. Due to the small living space in the community, family members were often present during the pazig.

ilog pasig case study

Generally, development agencies and the government tend to promote community-led initiatives, bottom up budgeting and local ownership. My time in the field can be described as observation with a minimal degree of participation. It also involves resettling squatters along the Pasig and the development of parks by the riverside. Additionally, even if there is a strong bonded social capital like in the case of Legarda, the community needs to be open to bridging social capital in order to implement the PPHI.

Apart from the fact that informal settlers have irregular incomes, they are physically flexible; because the homes are constructed of light materials, they can be expanded when the number of family members increases. Data collection My empirical data was collected over the course of four weeks in the commu- nity of Legarda, mainly through semi-structured interviews, but also through participant observation.


Urban River Rehabilitation and Flood Control: Case Study of the Pasig River System

The water quality of the estero itself has also significantly improved, largely because of the reduction of solid waste contributing to the organic pollution and the pollution reduction attributable to the constructed wetlands installed. By talking to government agencies, claiming their rights, keeping their estero clean and avoiding the use of illegal tapping of electricity and water; the move to be- coming an accepted part of Manila, or a homeowner, is already underway.

Factories near the Pasig River Shanties beside the river and under the bridge Urban development basically is the not problem but a solution. Since then, the Philippine government has implemented strategies and programs for flood rehabilitation in the NCR. My UPA contact asked some of the NML members if it was accep for me to knock on their door when I visited the community, so that they could help me find the people of interest to interview for my data collection, which the members agreed to.

As the name implies, the program encourages private sector support in cleaning up waterways in urban centres. During my informal field visits in Legarda the respondents told me that the reason why some families chose to go to the near-city relocation site was that their families were growing and they did not have time to wait for the completion of the PPHI Interview In this section I review both research on implementation of adaptation strategies that has a top-down perspective, where the role of government and their engagement with local communities is in focus Sharma et al.

Urban River Rehabilitation and Flood Control: Case Study of the Pasig River System

When I asked my respondents why they were so chocked over the defeat in the land negotiations, they said that they had been ensured that there were no problems and that the negotiations were running smoothly Interview 12, 13, Click cas to sign up. Mabilin furthers this argument by stating that the UDHA law of excludes the urban poor by legitimising reloca- tions in areas that are considered dangerous or are in need of infrastructural development Mabilin, Towards pro-poor adaptation to cli- mate change in the urban centres of stury middle-income countries, Vol- ume 3.


ilog pasig case study

She views this as the core reason to why the government have taken the position that the urban poor need to be relocated for their own protection Interview However, in the political turmoil of the s and instability of the succeeding years, a consistently implemented strategy was not realized.

This results in serious flooding along the river, affecting nearby communities and carrying polluted water to the households living close to the river.

Mainly due to the fact that their arrangement was based on differing interests, and that the social hierarchy between the president and the informal settlers is greater. The project is also the only one with current on-site construction and it has gained a lot of media attention1 Yin, Poverty reduc- tion is thus seen as an important tool for resilience building and adaptation Satterthwaite, The Pasig River send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

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Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! Although all forms of capital are relevant, such as human, and cultural cap- ital, social capital will be in focus since social relationships are at the core of social capital; which makes the theory relevant for research on community actions Lin, Aroundrunners joined the event in which garnered national attention for its attempt to secure a world-record for largest number of participants for a racing event.

If there are tensions within the NML, the PPHI might lose support as well as bridged social capital to other actors involved in the project.

ilog pasig case study

The responses I got were similar: Metropolitan Manila as an urban centre exploded in the s to s with population growth averaging 4.