Detail on the specific provisions in policies, lends greater scope for constructive recommendations regarding how these could be strengthened. This content analysis indicates that a review of coverage and implementation of maternity leave across the public and private sectors could significantly strengthen policy support that enables mothers to access care. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Strengthening systems to support mothers in infant and young child feeding at scale. IYCF is a strategic development policy priority in all countries, with evidence for multi-sectoral engagement and cooperation between sectors in implementation. The first phase of analysis was conducted at country-level. However, this split responsibility could also result in certain populations being overlooked.

In Sri Lanka, a policy gap identified was the potential for a more explicit link with the education sector, regarding the incorporation of IYCF messaging into health related curriculum in schools [ 29 ] — an approach already implemented in Bangladesh [ 30 ]. A cross cutting theme was the need for more consistent translation of sectoral policies and strategies into documents with details regarding implementation, including defining roles and responsibilities of different frontline workers — particularly those working in sectors outside of health. I am currently working on a project to compile an advice leaflet for local charities with the aim of giving them the knowledge and understanding to better support World Health Organization; Operational Plan for Community Based Healthcare , to ensure consistency across clinics [ 29 ].

IYCF case studies Sierra Leone, MSF

Specific strengths with respect to icyf policies included widespread adoption of counseling as a best-practice intervention, and comprehensive and consistent messaging regarding appropriate IYCF practices. Breastfeeding promotion, support and protection: Maternal and child undernutrition: Professor MD assisted with study design and with preparation of the manuscript. These findings can support efforts to strengthen IYCF policy at the national and regional level.

South Asian countries experience some of the highest levels of child undernutrition in the world, strongly linked to poor infant and young child feeding IYCF practices. This explains in part the continuing high cawe of under-nutrition in Uganda. Limited multisectoral collaboration on IYCF policy and programmatic issues was seen as a challenge in other countries.


I am currently working on a project to compile an advice leaflet for local charities with the aim of giving them the knowledge and understanding to better support Federal, Sindh and Punjab Context.

Cultural influences on IYCF: Case study from the IYCF-E GIFA/ENN Project

The World Health Organization’s global target for reducing childhood iycff by For each policy document, information was entered into an excel spreadsheet, including: To discuss partnership please contact Anja. While regulations on the marketing of breastmilk substitutes exist, implementation, monitoring, and advocacy need to be strengthened.

For employed women, there were also workplace-based interventions supporting appropriate IYCF practices.

The strengths of the research include the systematic policy survey across all countries by local research teams with expertise in IYCF, and the inclusion of a wide range of policy documents, from high-level strategic documents such as National Development Plans, to sectoral documents and implementation-level guidelines and protocols.

Cultural influences on IYCF: Methods for the synthesis of qualitative research: Our teams are engaged In Bangladesh there is csae policy support for training frontline health workers in the public health sector on infant and young child feeding but less emphasis is given on training the urban workers [ 30 ].

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Community and cultural influences on infant feeding choice. It emphasises that feeding In Bangladesh, the Ministry of Health was responsible for training the rural health care workers at all levels in IYCF, but although the urban frontline health workers under the Local Government Ministry are supposed to deliver IYCF counseling, it is not clear how they are trained [ 28 iycr 32 ].


Strong and responsive policy support is essential for effective interventions to improve IYCF. Methods We mapped policies relevant to infant and young child feeding in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, based on a common matrix.

Infant and Young Child Feeding Programme Review – Case Study: Uganda | The Soul Beat Africa Network

The Soul Beat Two key areas that would benefit from regional technical support are strategies to support integration of complementary feeding into policies, and also for enhancing multisectoral action. Restrictions on information provision by actors with vested interests All countries had enacted the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes into domestic legislation, which restricts the provision of information by actors with vested interests in particular, infant formula manufacturers [ 28 — 32 ].

Counselling on infant feeding choice: In India, there was policy support for capacity building related to counseling for frontline workers in both the health and child development sectors [ 28 ].

IYCF is a strategic development policy priority fase all countries, with evidence for multi-sectoral engagement and cooperation between sectors in implementation. Very specific support was present in the 5 Year Plans of the Governments of India, Nepal and Bangladesh, which included details regarding the benefits of IYCF for health and development and noted specific interventions; and in key Planning and Development documents at Federal and Province level in Pakistan.

Artificial feeding in emergencies: However, it was unclear how this would be implemented.

iycf case study

The matrix described potentially relevant policies ranging from high-level strategic policy documents to implementation-level guidelines.