Jake sleeps with Jenna’s co-worker Ophelia. Or Oprah, if she can hear me. Sadie, Lissa, and Jake run a food truck. Retrieved November 3, Retrieved August 14, In the end she dies. Eva continues to antagonize Jenna.

Sadie discovers that Eva’s real name is Amber, she’s been home-schooled since she was kicked out of school when she was nine for stabbing another kid with a pencil, and her room in a home that’s not even in the right district for Palos Hills High is decorated with creepy, stalker bulletin boards of all of Jenna and Matty’s friends. Sweet, but hold on to your cash. I hear you did a fantastic job. It’s a normal day at school, until Jenna notices a fight between Jake and Lissa because Jake told Lissa he kissed Jenna. Yes, because you are such a great motivator. Jenna continues to see Collin’s true colors. Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition?

Jenna helps Matty with his essay but Eva sabotages her. Hart wants the whole class to submit an essay about Heroes and Villains so it can be published in a magazine. Jenna aboht so pissed off she tells Mr.

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After I got fired from the liquor store, I took in a boarder. You’re still worried about her.

Matty drops a bomb on Jenna when he reveals he has to leave for Berkeley after Graduation Night to start soccer practice over the summer, leaving the couple only one day left together. The annual senior bonfire becomes a powder keg when Jenna and Tamara find the boys’ girl-rating tradition known as the Phone Book. View this post on Instagram. I burned them while you were sleeping. rssay


Your father cut up my credit cards. I don’t know when that is, so I’m just gonna show up around midnight and hang out. Saxton, but can you prove any of this?

Val wants to talk to Mr. Retrieved July 6, And to be honest, I freakin’ love math.

AWKWARD.: Valerie Marks: Crossing The Line.

Matty tells Jennzs that they need to talk, which prompts her to get Tamara to arrange a group date to avoid having alone time with Matty. Archived from the original on September 25, I can, and I will.

I know what you’re thinking about. Hart tells her to think about it again and give her final approval the next time he asks her.

jennas essay about val

Said one slut to the other slut. Thanks a lot, jerk. But if you do hear anything, it’s all lies. She has to wear an orthopedic cast.

jennas essay about val

She jenjas her to school and makes her explain what a backwards jellyfish is during the drive. For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our Cookie Policy. Jenna and Matty decide they love each other and want to continue the relationship over the summer. Talk about the pothead calling the kettle black.


Sadie, isn’t it hard to window-shop from inside the store? A post shared by Jenna Johnson Chmerkovskiy dance10jenna on Apr 13, at 7: Retrieved April 13, Sadie is banned from attending Graduation and giving her Valedictorian speech after being busted for drinking at prom and causing a scene at the Graduation Day breakfast.

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Matty spends more time with his biological father Daniel and as they are bonding his father plants doubts in his mind about his relationship with Gabby. He kisses her and Jenna quickly leaves, confused. However, when Jenna leans over, she hits the PA system button and ends up telling jennws whole school that she wants to sleep with Jake.

Jenna and Tamara argue.