After an attending physician or resident encounters a case they deem worthy of writing up, a thorough literature search is warranted. Choosing a target journal Choosing a journal is critical. Moreover, you will be able to better determine the potential impact your contribution can have in adding to the general literature about the case topic. Instead, we focus upon rapid and detailed reviews, so that authors can get a fast and useful verdict. Be careful not to get the name of the editor wrong. De-identify the data and crop or blur patient names from radiologic images.

Sponsors should be encouraged to provide detail in their letters of the candidate’s accomplishments. This is a normal apprenticeship; learn from them and thank them for their work. Ruthlessly and repeatedly revise your manuscripts prior to submission and strip away unneeded text. No need to overthink this. A disregard for the Instructions to Authors—e.

Therefore, it is paramount that you incorporate all phrases, synonyms, and eponyms that are commonly used to describe aspects of your case.

Upon completing a thorough literature search, it is a good idea to regroup with your team and consult your mentor. A single report rarely solves a question. Write concisely, stay focused, and, importantly, with humility. Ziv Haskal, Editor in Chief of JVIR Attending physicians and residents are often the best initial sources for students to gauge if a patient case is reportable: Give assent regarding copyright sign-over, if necessary, and clver that there is no existing conflict of interest, should this be requested.

Choosing a journal is critical. If there are only a handful of other cases, the case is likely to be of interest to practitioners around the world.

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If necessary, make sure that every author signs, or at least write the names of the authors involved in the project. The hospital record is a legal document and should not be reproduced in its exact form — paraphrase and summarize. This poor effort would certainly not help the editor in question to seriously deem your paper fit letterr publication. I depend upon readers to point out interesting issues in publications, from methodological points, their differing perspectives, or helping us catch author misconduct.


Do not include exact dates e. This will give you a reference for the ideal length, complexity of case presentation or discussion, importance of including high-quality imaging, and general writing style.

The example in Figure 1 is, of course, how you should not write the cover letter. This will allow you to maximize the lletter potential from the project. A disregard for the Instructions to Authors—e. Attending physicians and residents are often the best initial sources for students cocer gauge if a patient case is reportable: While there are artful and naturally talented scientific authors, for most of us, scientific writing is this is a hard-fought skill honed by practice.

That said, we apply the same editorial standards to student submissions as to those of tenured professors. Please keep this aspect in mind if you wish to utilize your report for other purposes in the future.

How to Write a Case Report – SIR RFS

Always plan out your submission schedule with the possibility that your target journal may reject your case and allot time to reformat and submit your write-up to another journal. For instance, if there is a word limit, you will have to aim for brevity and limit your discussion of literature to particular aspects of your case. This section contains the most important information to communicate in the paper. Choosing letfer target journal Choosing a journal is critical.


I really think you should publish this paper: the cover letter to the editor

To be honest, many editors say that they do not xover, or seriously consider, the cover letters they receive. Sorry, not going to pick favorites. This, for quite obvious reasons, is especially important with resubmission following rejection.

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As outlined in the Society of Interventional Radiology Bylaws, the FSIR designation shall be granted to members of the Society who have made a significant contribution s to the field of interventional radiology and to the society. Do not start writing a case report before choosing a target journal and at least one back up publication.

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The Instructions to Authors provide guidance as well. This is useful to reviewers, editors, and, ultimately, lettdr readers. FSIR candidates shall have been a Member or International Associate in good standing of the Society for at least five contiguous years.

A letter to the editor in coover journals is reserved exclusively for a timely critique, set of questions, or reply regarding a recently published article in that journal. If there are hundreds of cases including several case series and clinical studies, then it probably cannot be submitted for novelty alone.

jvir cover letter

Let me answer differently-I receive a lot of emails or calls from prospective authors about whether they should submit their work to JVIR. A case report has a different format and level of depth than basic science or clinical study manuscripts and can provide a unique opportunity to learn and write about a patient you have cpver care for.