Free Strategy Skills Resources See the full list of Strategy Skills eBooks, templates and checklists available for free download right now. Zero Defects ZD May 21, These four steps, which have been outlined below, can help you to move from start to finish in the decision making process. Problems occur in any given organization. So the idea is not to find a perfect solution but rather the best possible choice, based on actually achieving the outcome with minimal negative consequences. Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally safe. What are your success factors for the good Kepner Tregoe Method set up?

This is a rational model that is well respected in business management circles. How many decisions do you make in a day? Always up-to-date with our latest practical posts and updates? Before rushing into action making your decision take hold throughout the organization, think about the various issues that may come up and how they will be dealt with. Please enter your name here. But to affect change, the new skills and ideas learned in training must be integrated and supported in the day-to-day work environment.

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Step Two — Problem Analysis: Given the importance of decisions in business, it only makes sense to use tools like the Kepner-Tregoe Matrix to assist in the process. Add a link to this page on your website: Built into it is the ability to minimize some of these negative effects. Not only should you be concerned with the problems themselves, but more importantly, you should be focused on the root causes of those problems. Did you find this article interesting? Free Strategy Skills Resources See the full list of Strategy Skills eBooks, templates and checklists available for free download right now.

Once back on the job, people have to understand how to use the new knowledge and skills within processes and systems that may have been perfectly adequate, but have not kept pace with changing needs. So, please, I would appreciate to know what kind of system zolving being used now instead of an approach like K-T, to have provoked your comment about the existence of an alternative way of thinking.


Step Four — Potential Problem Analysis: Kepner Tregoe decision making is a structured methodology for gathering information and prioritizing and evaluating it.

kepner tregoe problem solving template

Probpem and Effect Analysis. Any decision that you make is going to come along with some degree of risk — what are the risks for each decision?

The emphasis is on guiding the conversation with the right information and including the right people in the decision-making process. It’s difficult to believe that there won’t be any bias in there whatsoever!

The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix

Examples of how to integrate new skills The following examples show how some of our clients successfully integrated new skills into their own systems and process. No tool can guarantee that you will make the right decision every time — no one makes the right choice every time — but being familiar with tools such as this is a big step in the right direction.

Once you have completed the necessary steps in order to think about your choice from a variety of angles, you should have the confidence needed to make the right selection. As a consequence, the traditional thinking pattern became a part of human nature. This situation analysis provides an insight into necessity, priority and urgency of the various tasks.

It is marketed as a way to make unbiased decisions in that it is said to limit conscious and unconscious biases that draw attention away from the outcome.

At this point, you are simply going to identify the concerns that are involved in the decision, and you are going to outline the priorities that you have in this case. They discovered that a predetermined logical method facilitates the search for the causes of a problem. Again, this is a point in the process that always contains the risk for taking too little time in thinking through the situation.


Problem Solving and Decision Making

However, for those strategically important choices that you need to be sure to get right, using the Kepner-Tregoe Matrix to proble your decision is a great option. Problems occur in any given organization. Leave this field empty.

kepner tregoe problem solving template

Knowing what you would consider to be a success can help you through the rest of the decision making process. Decisions are a regular part of life, and a regular part of business. Organizations need to align new skills with their workflow and documentation.

This is only one of the many decision making tools and techniques available for business type decisions. You can think of this as the top level view of the decision that needs to be made. This is a rational model that is well respected in business management circles. Certain causes are therefore excluded. Now when technical solviing engineers talk to their increasingly global network of clients, their computer screens prompt them to follow a tempalte process for gathering information that has proven to accelerate issue resolution.

When you use this matrix to guide your thinking when facing a particularly important decision, you will be able to frame the question at hand in a number of important ways.

kepner tregoe problem solving template

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