The British Journal of Nutrition: Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise , vol. The associated research includes approaches to maintain energy deficits for weight loss in overweight populations, as well as methods for promoting a positive energy balance to increase muscle mass in older adults. View at Google Scholar A. Abstract In lean individuals, acute aerobic exercise is reported to transiently suppress sensations of appetite, suppress blood concentrations of acylated ghrelin AG , and increase glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP-1 and peptide-YY PYY. The inclusion of rest periods prior to exercise into AUC calculations could potentially underestimate the effect of exercise on hormone responses.

Postgraduate Courses Right Arrow. Details of the search strategy are provided in the Supplementary Material available at http: This is complemented by a strand of related research which aims to improve experimental methodologies and statistical interpretations within physiology and nutrition research. Tom Geeson-Brown Longitudinal development of lean mass in rugby players and supportive interventions to promote development. European Journal of Applied Physiology , vol. To maximise search sensitivity, there were also no limitations on the intensity, duration, or modality of the acute exercise bout. The current review found three studies that examined the acute effects of exercise on appetite regulatory hormones in males, two studies in females, and one study including both males and females.

Comprehensive meta-analysis software Version 2.

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In one study, after four days of deighron exercise, females experienced an increase in acylated ghrelin, whereas males showed no change [ 30 ]. Journal of Human Hypertension https: The British Services Dhaulagiri medical research expedition.

Including baseline acylated ghrelin concentrations and BMI into a multiple metaregression model had little effect on the results; the slope of regression became slightly more negative so that the standardised reduction in acylated ghrelin for exercise versus control was 0. Using approaches from elite sport to benefit early career academics. Due to the limited number of studies in this review, no conclusions can be drawn upon the effect of exercise and sex on appetite regulatory hormones.


Sensitivity analysis showed that the study by Gholipour et al. Nessan Costello Evaluating the nutritional requirements of adolescent rugby league players.

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Data shown is pooled from the current review and from a previous review [ 15 ]. European Journal of Sport Sciencevol. Subsequent researchers confirmed these earlier findings [ 5 — 9 ]. The majority of studies indicate that individuals do not compensate for the energy expended during exercise in the immediate hours after exercise [ 14 ].

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Therefore, these individuals are in an energy deficit, and if maintained over time this could result in weight loss. Standardised mean differences SMDs and standard errors were extracted for AG and total PYY and GLP-1 concentrations in control and exercise trials and synthesised using a random effects meta-analysis model.

A systematic review and meta-analysis of the validity of current technologies Leeds The British Journal of Nutrition: Study selection criteria were not limited by the duration or observation period after exercise.

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise https: Future research is required to understand and compare the responses of males and females.

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This finding differed from that of Schubert et al. Sarah Chantler Influence of dietary intake on immune function and recovery ability in rugby players. Understanding the responses of appetite regulatory hormones to exercise and consequently the effect they may have on energy intake and appetite could enhance the understanding of the role of exercise in weight control.


For example, despite finding substantial heterogeneity amongst studies in which ghrelin and GLP-1 were measured, precise analyses such as one for the presence of outliers could not be performed due to the small number of studies.

In the original literature search conducted in Januaryfive studies met the inclusion criteria. Find what you’re looking for Find Icon. In a recent review, lean individuals showed a small kevln in acylated ghrelin after exercise, whilst total PYY and total GLP-1 showed small increases [ 15 ]. Blood samples were collected at regular intervals throughout all trials.

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Frontiers in Nutrition https: British Journal of Sports Medicine https: Univariable metaregression for study mean BMI versus the acylated ghrelin AUC values in response to exercise in deightoj and obese individuals SMD for acylated ghrelin. View at Google Scholar W.

Journal of the Thesjs Society of Sports Nutritionvol. Deighton K; Douglas J; Pryke H; Stensel DJ Kefin food restriction stimulates increases in appetite that do not occur in response to an equivalent exercise-induced energy deficit.

Potential studies were identified by examining the abstracts and full-text copies were obtained if they met the initial criteria of evaluating appetite hormone changes in response to an acute exercise bout. The majority of studies recruited participants of the same sex.