We will use the persuasive advertising when we have a competition in the market. In this regard, we can say that Jhatpat would not face any difficulty in order to convince the local consumers hence the probability for increasing sales margin is expected. We segmented our product price in the following ways. My account New to The Case Centre? Could it do the same in the emerging red-flesh category? To make our product information more convenient and easy we will provide our website and 24 hours toll free numbers, through which our customers can contact us and also give feedback about the product.

Bell , Damien P. They have there own breading and poultry forms, from where they get there raw material for their product. Propositions to help advance the theory. Remember me on this computer. Asking about the feedback from the people related to the new introducing this includes Contact Method:

Through personal communication it is easy to persuade someone to buy your product, because in personal selling there is a direct contact with the buyers. So we should also keep our competitors into consideration before lowering or increasing our product prices.

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These are the segments that can be called the time savers and our product will make them have a refreshing breakfast without time consumption. The products are characterized and allotted weights according to demand and necessity basis, which eventually forms the business portfolio. These factors are the basic strengths of our product inherited from the company setup. If our competitors Changes the prices it affects our sales. They started giving spiritual and technical training to their labor this can help in changing view of typical labor and allows them to think in a productive way more over training will boost their moral and commitment.

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Health and Happiness for Pakistan by David E. Pricing Tools and Pricing Strategy. Type of VMS Our product lies in the administered VMS in the vertical marketing system because this type of VMS coordinates successive stages of pakista and distribution, not through common ownership or contractual ties, but through the size and power of the parties. The paratha is a much known eatable item in Pakistan that would now be available in a very new ready to cook, chicken form. Khalil want government of Pakistan to give some incentives to exporter and decrease some of the duties.


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As with many questions facing Zespri inthere are risks of moving too fast as well as too slow. We made a comparison of with the paratha if offered by Rahat Bakers the customers are keen to buy and about the packaging mostly people were willing to buy pack of six.

In this regard, we can say that Jhatpat would not face any difficulty in order to convince the local consumers hence the probability for increasing sales margin is expected. Geography, demography, psychographic and behavioral we divided the market into two of them given as follows: This is an important section where we had a sharp search over the market to find out if there was any substitute product, the buying power of suppliers and buyers, and if there was any competitor of ours with the chances of market diversion but we found none.

Research Instrument Questionnaire was used as the research instrument as they are very flexible. Other then the print and electronic media stkdy cheapest way to promote our product is through short messaging service.

k&n pakistan case study

Remember me on this computer. Our research plan was based only on the information collected pakidtan the questionnaires and the general observation on the peoples taste requirements SAMPLE PLAN The sample plan used was cluster sample the total population was divided pxkistan mutually exclusive groups such as students, teachers, business oriented and job oriented people.


Each of product is based on the rule that it should be healthy to eat and according to the taste of consumers. On the other hand price increase also affects the buyers in a way that they think that this product is unobtainable unless they buy it soon.

k&n pakistan case study

To compete with them we also lower our product price so that we can retain our market shares. Majority of the local consumers prefers pakistaj to meat and desi food over fast food in Pakistan. Bell and Natalie Kindred Keywords: The following graph shows various combinations of products in different phases of different products. The company is ready to put its cost for the product.

k&n pakistan case study

We will reduce prices in Ramadan season, as its demand is more in that season. We have a contract with different cellular companies that they will send our promotional messages to their special numbers.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Case study on K N. The hostilities require something that is ready to serve in minutes that is less time consuming but still full of taste and nutritious as they miss the taste of home made food and the working women cannot get time to prepare meals like chicken paratha that is very time consuming if completely prepared at home.

Cite View Details Purchase Related. At the same time, the Zespri team aspired to launch new products that met consumer demand for sweeter taste and convenience—an increasingly urgent priority as global competition in kiwifruit intensified.