By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The series has also seen releases on DVD, both as part of the Codename: The KND investigate why people are getting mustaches. There are six seasons, each with 13 episodes two half-length episodes counting as one , adding up to 78 episodes altogether. Their leader is turned into an adult, the treehouse is destroyed, and their faith is shattered; Sector V is forced into a showdown with their most dangerous foe yet. Numbuh 1 has a secret girlfriend who he often neglects because of his Kids Next Door responsibilities, forcing her to use a boyfriend helmet to mind-control Numbuh 1. Such a practice has inevitably led to the creation of many KND villains who escaped decommissioning notably Cree, formerly known as Numbuh 11; Numbuh 5’s older sister, and Chad; formerly known as Numbuh and supreme commander of the Kids Next Door.

But the restaurant is actually for sharks, with kids on the menu as murdering , thanks to a new money-making scheme by Chester. After a spaceship crash caused by Numbuh 3’s sister, the KND search an abandoned prisoner transport and discover that they’re not alone. Global Response Team —03 Waynehead — Abby is the omega, so to speak. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Quite the relationship they musta had. Meanwhile, Numbuh 4 watches over Mr.

Numbuhs 2 and 5 travel through the school jungle gym to help find the First Grade’s missing pet bunny, Mr.

knd operation homework

Warburton, but current Cartoon Network executives have no interest in a follow-up to Codename: The pilot and only produced an episode for Mr. Numbuh 5 Lauren Tom Fizz and Lieutenant Seltzer from getting the soda.


Operation S.P.R.O.U.T./Operation H.O.U.N.D.

When turnips are found everywhere in Sector V’s treehouse, they go to the source: Kids Next Door was proposed by Mr. Numbuh 2’s little brother, Tommy who is shunned by Sector Vjoins forces with a villain, Common Cold. When Numbuh 2 tries to use his kn cheese, he and Numbuh 4 are captured by cheese ninjas.

The Operafion try to stop a mysterious being from collecting all the Rainbow Monkeys in the world– including Numbuh 3’s beloved ones. Global Response Team —03 Waynehead — An important operative suffers an accident on a dangerous mission and is sent to the hospital.

Numbuh 86 is having a top-secret girls only mission.

The group catches wind of some ice cream men who refuse to give ice cream to children, so they interrogate them and get the password to their ice cream factory, only to be in for a major surprise from the Delightful Children from Down the Lane, because the ice cream that they take turns into a monster that tries to operatiion them, but eventually gets defeated by a heater that was turned on by Numbuh 3.

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knd operation homework

The KND are up against more than they bargained for when they try to prevent the DCFDTL for dashing the school elections, especially when the situation involves 8th graders.

Edit Storyline In “Operation: When Gallagher Elementary students are being arrested by the School Safety Patrol for crimes they are envisioned to commit, including detective Numbuh 2, it’s up to Numbuh 3 to investigate a psychic member of the School Safety Patrol while trying to finish her social studies homework.

Animated —09 The Mr. She does this for Numbuh 4 to rest any doubts he might have, to show him this is what an operative does. This is a complication she never once envisioned in her career.


knd operation homework

I can only imagine the thoughts running through his mind. Now the team must defeat this fiendish femme fatale and save the future. Numbuh 3 is forced to be married to King Sandy again when she is at a Rainbow Monkey theme park knr, but the others won’t believe her.

Numbuh 5 is saddened by it, and suggests that they monitor Maurice to make sure the teenagers don’t recruit him. Numbuhs 2, 3, and 6 are tricked and must get a truckload of soda to a girl’s birthday party and keep Mr.

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Views Read Edit View history. Two television films were also made; Operation: Either way, it happened. Warburton created a pilot episode, titled “Diseasy Does It”, for yomework planned show, Kenny and the Chimpwhich was to be operatlon by Hanna-Barbera.

When Sector V except Numbuh 4 assists Chubbo’s funeral, the ghost arrives at night, kidnapping Numbuh 3 and keeping her with all the past dead hamsters powering the treehouse ‘s core. Numbuh 1 narrates on how adults were created, how they took control, and families were made. They black mail him with them. And who can blame him? The kids do all the adults job whereas the adults sit around and play video games.