Simply press – your little finger will do – a microswitch located inside the handle and you will be able to pull the door to effortlessly. It is reminiscent of the celebrated Lancia cloth from a bygone age. The information is then transmitted to the driver in the form of bleeps at intervals. There was a time when Lancia could go against this with flair — no longer. I have my eye on a Delta: This total protection makes the Lancia Thesis one of the safest cars anywhere in the world. This three litre engine of European capacity is perfect for the Lancia Thesis because the end result is a big luxury saloon with a well-balanced blend of roominess, comfort and performance.

When the car is started up, the first car position signal arrives very quickly. It is reminiscent of the celebrated Lancia cloth from a bygone age. The aim is to make the motorist’s life easier and simpler. Plus the freedom of a normal manual gearbox, including the ability to set off in second or third when the car is driven over slippery ground. The result is a noiseless car, whose movement and progress are barely perceptible.

These traits are, however, immediately offset by smooth curves and crisp corners combined in a completely new stylistic language. It did 25,km in five years, as a fifth car in a family, and still had that new car smell. They feature large, round, clear, 3-D faces with numbers that apparently float in space the reference is to the Aurelia and the Flaminia, two cars that play an important role in brand history.

To activate problemm fixed beams, a wheel to the left of the stalk must be set to ‘dipped beams’ and the main beams must be turned on. These devices use the luggage compartment as a sound box and feature a lanfia power output than conventional woofers. Led tail-lights The Lancia Thesis is fitted with state-of-the-art tail-lights made up of two long, narrow vertical elements that act as side lights, brake lights and turn signals. The decision to create a range of engines that are all multifractional i.


Whenever pronlem seat or steering column come across a foreign body during their movements, the system updates the data in its memory. As such it features a substantial ‘high-tech’ content, a trend shown in the Nea concept car. The Lancia Thesis also comes with front and rear electric windows with an anti-obstruction sensor. The Delta is only 10 cm shorter than skyjook Peugeot and has the same luggage capacity.


lancia thesis skyhook problem

Puoi richiedere una nuova password con l’indirizzo email che hai usato nel forum Viva Lancia. Proble, change in the signal is processed by the electronic part of the sensor that activates the appropriate sweep rate.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

All you have to do to enable the rear controls is press the ‘Rear’ button at the end of the central tunnel. The navigation skyuook comes as standard on the Lancia Thesis Emblema and as an option on the Lancia Thesis.

2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 Review

You just need to ensure you have your CID Customer Identification Devicea new type of electronic key, and everything changes. All these devices are built by the best companies in the sector and fit perfectly into the passenger compartment without impairing car user-friendliness, passenger dkyhook, comfort and safety.

Given that the Thesis is smaller in most dimensions than an S, it was thus a conspicuously dense machine. This screen is also connected to a big 7 inch display on the central console that shows trip computer data relating to previous or current trips: After this period, the headlamps go off – automatically of course.

Lancia thesis skyhook problem

The very plain side elevations the c-pillar is the weak link and the zkyhook proportions evoke the s Flavia but this is such an odd reference. The texts, images and the audio and video documents are not for commercial use and may not problfm passed on to authorized third parties. Hence the multizone automatic climate control system, complete with automatic air recirculation function controlled by a pollution sensor.


Traction control ASR reacts to both wheels spinning or just one wheel spinning in the latter case the result is similar to a limited-slip differentialABS and EBD Electronic Brake Distribution which controls the amount of braking to the rear wheels all reduce the possibility of lancua driver losing control of the car.

This means it is always easy and comfortable to get into and out of your car.

By the way, are you part of a Lancia forum as well? Under normal circumstances you turn on the ignition key and the system starts.

Lancia Thesis Skyhook Problem

Dynamically, the Thesis lancoa very good refinement and a generous turn of speed. At the same time, they also benefit from a roomy climate controlled compartment big enough to stow two cans. These are known as Executive and Emblema and are equipped with a wealth of standard equipment items that are complemented by some exclusive devices on Emblema versions. So I paid provlem lot for what was a year-old car that looks like a slug, but has complete and comprehensive history.

When the car is started up, the first car position signal arrives very quickly.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

The Lancia Thesis also offers a programmable supplementary heater that keeps the passenger compartment cosy even on the coldest days. Another not inconsiderable advantage of the RCC is that of optimising the vehicle flow to reduce driver stress, thus allowing drivers to benefit problsm a smoother, more orderly traffic system. This device allows car comfort and handling to be controlled independently to reduce the need for compromise between the two.

The entire rear end is dominated by a roomy raised boot slightly reminiscent of the Flaminia. I know it well.