Also note the evidence on which you base your inferences. Instead, they present the writer’s opinion. I promise you nothing. I figured the midnight audiences are full of readers, so I did a lot of late night shows. I do think the grandmother is a little disappointed because she original calls the girl over to make rolls “proudly” line four , then the girl says in somewhat of a rude manner that she doesn’t want to learn. Share your responses with the class. Remember to include supporting details.

The granddaughter not only missed out on learning how to bake bread, but she’s also missing out on making memories with her grandma and learning about her legacy. Nikki Giovanni ends the poem with “Neither of them ever said what they meant” What if the two poems were combined and the place described in “Knoxville, Tennessee” was the destination of the trip described in “A Journey”? We had never been off the continent. Rewritten Her only sister, Gary, played the piano like an angel. This poem shows how a little miscommunication can be significant for us and we need to speak our minds. There were two treasure chests in the bank, labeled “Trip” and “Mugs.

Why didn’t Giovani use any imagery? In the beginning, the grandmother was so proud that she was going to teach her granddaughter to bake.

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The girl hides behind the pretense that she is just being a typical child who simply isn’t cooperative. But they are always important, and that is why I asked friends to write in this book. Giovanni’s poetry represented an exciting new voice calling for civil rights and racial equality. Giovahni you read these poems, think about how their forms differ.


I don’t have a fireplace, but the glow statemsnt Mulvaney is in my heart. Our only outside activity was running back and forth to the restaurant for meals. Upload document Create flashcards.

legacies by nikki giovanni thesis statement

March 2, at 7: When they found out everyone was there for a poetry reading, they knew they had a story. Grandmother was a piano player. Syatement a cause-and-effect essay can help you trace the connections between your actions and events. This independent spirit can be found in all three poems you are about to read.

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We see heritage not only through the rolls but also in the way they speak dialect. The granddaughter not only missed out on learning how to bake bread, but she’s also missing out on making memories with her grandma and learning about her legacy.

The grandmother is operating based on the connotation of the girl’s actions. The shape of the two poems on the page is very different, yet neither follows traditional poetic form. Madhubutior Margaret Walker.


She forgot her soap. Find an event that has had an effect on your community. Nikki Giovani uses an ironic double negative that changes based on context.

Not all grandmothers are the same; maybe yours were the ones to let you off easy, and your parents set the rules. This line by the grandmother is about how the grandmother is reflecting on how she did not tell the daughter what the “rolls” truly mean. What do you think the journey might symbolize? The bank kicked off the contest in January. I have modeled a post for “Mother to Son”. b

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What do you want to know more about? There may be more than one way to combine some sentences.

legacies by nikki giovanni thesis statement

Are there any aspects that you would like to explore further? Rap Brown, Don L. Instead, they present the writer’s opinion.

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How is sentence 6 best written? Nothing in the bowl for four hungry grands. Attach your reflections to the finished essay.