Mean harvesting percentage of Rice being a labour intensive crop, apprehensions of agricultural labourers on area conversion are also not unfounded. The accessibility indices for the tractors were negative and ranged Although these waivers are for short-term loans, such measures augment the incomes of the farmers. Then I tried to go into HMT Tractors section yes they manufacture tractors too and there I got linked to their international website and whoa I got to see the watch models there. Yet, by the late s tractor production was nearly , units per year and by the late s with production approaching , per year, India overtook the United States as the world’s largest producer of four-wheel tractors with over 16 national and 4 multi- national corporations producing tractors today.

The strong recovery witnessed in the tractor market during , after a period of cyclical downturn, has continued in the current fiscal with the Apr-Dec 9M period reporting a growth of Fuel consumption of tractor: ACE 5 28 7. Due to increased trading volumes, pressure from globalization and need for integrating system to enable cross border trading of tractor. Write a Review on HMT. One of the leading tractor manufacturers of the country, Escorts offers a comprehensive range of tractors, more than 45 variants starting from 25 to 80 HP. The tractor industry benefits significantly from the Governmental focus on agriculture.

Skip to main content. Tractors are part feview agricultural machinery industry. Marketing of its tractors beyond the borders of the then Soviet Union began in By a slight up tick in sales once again due trsctor stronger and national and to some extent international markets. This helped the industry in to to surpass the industry best of toreaching the new peak oftractor sales.

Tractor manufacturers however maintained pricing discipline by not resorting to aggressive discounting, and this enabled them to maintain their profit margins in the face of falling utilisation levels.


While the northern hmf is now almost saturated in terms of new tractor sales, the southern region is still under penetrated. Future Trends in Tractor Industry It is evident that tractor sales are highly proportional to farm income.

literature review of hmt tractor

Tractor is a highly versatile piece of machinery having a multitude of uses, used in agriculture both for land reclamation and for carrying out various crop cultivation and also employed for carrying out various operations connected with raising the crops by attaching suitable implements and to provide the necessary energy for performing various crop production operations involved in the production of agricultural crops.

Escort manufactures produces construction and agriculture tractors in the HP range and has already sold overtractors.

Kottayam district lodges a variety of tractor companies found during the survey process. As far as possible all question in questionnaires were close-ended type so that the dealer or manager understood them and found easy to answer. Hi Good thoughts there Crops Solutions Agriculture Applications Under this category various equipments are being used for tilling and levelling.

Pune factory started to produce new 55 to 75 Hp series tractors for European market in It would be helpful to formulate research design in tractor industry. Powerful tractors of over 50 HP may be in great demand, with leasing gaining importance as the future is expected to lie in co-operative farming. Therefore, it may be concluded that frequently operated controls on the tractors should be located in or very close to optimum reach area of the operators for better tractor workplace design.

This is also partly because of the initiative of the government to boost up agriculture and agricultural machinery industry. In rest of the villages they are used for cultivation. They are widely used at tea estates in the hilly areas of Vagamon.


Rest of the food grains required are bought from the neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu. The owners of the Escorts tractors which was found during my survey complained about this non-availability. Though these factors have the impact on the no.

Power tillers can be considered as a better alternative of farm power than tractors for small and marginal farmers. Does anyone have any idea?

The project gains its importance as rveiew tries to discover the overall market segmentation and usages of tractors in the Kerala where there is a declining trend in the agricultural sector. Ursus Poland is its technical partners. Based in Lucknow, U. This declining development has also affected the usage of tractors in the State.

HMT 3 14 9. The car will be driven by Robert Richardson, Jr. Central region, comprising of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh was at the fore-front with 36 percent YoY sales growth in FY13, albeit on a small base; while Northern region, the largest tractor market of the country reported steady 10 percent growth.

literature review of hmt tractor

The reason is obvious. The relative ranking of players based on market share will remain stable with increasing polarisation of market position between stronger and marginal players. Palakkad is known as the rice bowl of Kerala.