LSE takes plagiarism very seriously and you should always ensure that your work is all your own. Do not put yourself at risk in order to obtain information. It should critically evaluate earlier work in the field, paying due attention to contributions, and to any methodological problems and limitations involved. This course cannot be taken in the same year as LL A fourth meeting to give feedback on progress to date, to take place before the end of the Lent Term.

The dissertation subject must be of a suitable academic character that has not already or will not have been explored in depth in any taught course taken by the student but is related to subjects taught in the School. Some general guidelines are:. Why have you used these methods? This course is not available as an outside option nor to General Course students. Students wishing to do either a full or half-unit dissertation should first consult their Academic Adviser in the preceding Summer Term about:. There is no essential reading as such. After the end of Summer Term, you are expected to be able to complete your dissertation without further guidance.

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To ensure your personal safety, please keep the follwing in mind at all times: You must discuss the ethical implications of your research with your Academic Mentor. Are there implications for future research?

The reference list – bibliography – is not included in the word limit. This will ensure that your dissertation has clear focus.

Defining and outlining a research topic Defining a clear research question Identifying salient issues Finding or dssertation relevant information Evaluating the information’s reliability and validity Weighing up the evidence on all sides of a debate Arriving at a well-argued conclusion Organising and presenting the results of your work critically, cogently, and coherently There are two major forms of dissertations: And if you have any questions or concerns, discuss them with your Academic Disserttation.


Your introduction should give details of the research topic you have decided to focus on, why the topic is of interest, what the gaps in current knowledge are, how your dissertation adds value to previous research i.

A piece of empirical research, conducted on a topic or issue relevant to health policy A literature-based long essay, providing analysis of specific research question of relevance to health policy Which type of dissertation you choose to write is up to you, but do check with your Academic Mentor that your project fulfills the criteria for dissertaiton programme.

Research involving vulnerable groups disseration sensitive topics Research involving groups where permission of a gatekeeper is required for access to members Research conducted without full informed consent Research involving access to records of confidential information Research which would induce unacceptable psychological stress, anxiety, pain or humiliation In the wider context of research, there is an ethical imperative that people should not be objectified as the ‘subjects’ of research, but that, wherever possible, they should be empowered as participants in the research process.

The half-unit dissertation should be taken in Part II but in exceptional circumstances permission may be sought to take it in Part I. Dissertations which involve the use of empirical sissertation even if it is existing evidence reported in the relevant literature. Any approach can result lze criticism of health policy, but a critical ist approach is one that is grounded in the analysis of conflict or relationships of power.

lse llb dissertation

The following structure includes the elements that are normally expected in an MSc dissertation. Self-management Communication Specialist skills.

Do not rely on your Academic Mentor as he or she will not be available for meetings or feedback outside of term time. It is an opportunity to produce a work of scholarship, dixsertation the academic skills you have developed. Using the chapter number as a prefix will help the reader navigate the tables.

lse llb dissertation

Because this option requires considerable independent study, it is generally not advisable to opt to write a full-unit dissertation unless the student has been achieving marks of an upper second class standard.


It cannot be taken in the same year as LL If you do not approach your Academic Mentor, he or she may not necessarily reach out to you. We also recommend that you list any topics or questions you want to discuss, so you can make the most of your time together.

It is key that you explain the steps of your analysis and how you arrived at your findings. It is the your responsibility to submit material before your meetings so your Mentor has time to prepare for the meeting.

Congratulations to LSE Law Students for outstanding dissertations!

However, you should never do anything dixsertation go anywhere that you believe would put you at personal risk. There are ways to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Please contact your Programme Manager for details. Students wishing to do either a full or half-unit dissertation should first consult their Academic Adviser in the preceding Summer Term about:. Headings Headings and sub-headings will help to organise and structure your argument and will also improve the presentation. Please discuss any risk assessment issues of your research with your Academic Mentor before embarking on the research.

It is concerned with explaining external realities from an objective standpoint. Your introduction should provide a brief overview of the structure of your dissertation i. In addition, the following research also need ethical approval: Some general guidelines are: There is discretion for an additional oral examination on the subject-matter of an essay which “may extend to cover llv wider background aspects of the essay”.