Unlike use of closed-ended questionnaires, this modality helps us obtain and explore rich data which can be analysed in depth. Demonstration of procedures using audio-video aids could improve understanding. J Educ Health Promot. Informed consent was taken from the participants. It is stated that most of the learning occurs outside the classroom, when information has been retrieved, revised, applied and mainly associated with other existing information or experiences [ 9 ]. What are the areas or topics you think students find it difficult to understand? Study Design Theoretical framework:

The results of our study are similar to those of Sukotjo C et al. Preclinical dental education promotes development of competency and expertise before students work on patients, but this phase is devoid of exposure to real patients leading to challenges in teaching-learning. Early clinical exposure will help solve many problems encountered during learning and contribute to a better understanding. The participants were assured of anonymity that the information collected from them would not be used in anyway against them. Open in a separate window. The presence of four researchers in the present study, with varying teaching experience and type of expertise, helped in better understanding of the research related issues from varying perspectives, thus helping in increasing the validity of the study. Students are exposed to ideal situations only as they are not exposed to actual clinical procedures.

Lack of clinical exposure coupled with use of conventional methods of teaching were identified as reasons for difficulty in understanding the subject.


The remaining questions addressed ways of overcoming these difficulties. Assessing learning preferences of dental students using visual, auditory, reading-writing, and kinesthetic questionnaire.

The mean age of the staff members was Perceived sources of stress amongst Indian dental students. Lack of exposure to actual clinical situations. J Educ Topiccs Promot.

manipal university prosthodontics thesis topics

,anipal Teaming up the junior students with the senior students will assist in enhancing the learning experience. Dental education, Early clinical exposure, Focus group discussion.

Syllabus modification to include relevant topics: The audio taped records were heard twice by the researchers to facilitate accurate interpretation of the recording and to ensure that minor details were not missed. Topics irrelevant for preclinical students could be included in later years as there is lack of time and syllabus is vast.

Inductive content analysis of the data was done. Prsthodontics study by Bennadi D et al. Nikzad S et al.

Evaluation of teaching and learning plays a vital role in curriculum development [ 4 ]. Results The students and the unviersity felt that the subject of prosthodontics is vast, difficult to visualize and also difficult to correlate theory with practical aspects.

Manipal University Prosthodontics Thesis Topics

The students and the faculty expressed felt need to supplement traditional teaching with early clinical exposure. Effect of a procedural video CD and study guide on the practical fixed prosthodontic performance of Iranian dental students. Find articles by S Jyotsna. Exploring the trustworthiness and reliability of focus groups for obtaining useful feedback for evaluation of academic programs. Among them, three staff members had a teaching experience of more than nine years, topicw staff members had a teaching experience exceeding four years and remaining five staff members had a teaching experience of up to four years.


manipal university prosthodontics thesis topics

Too much of practical work lab work which could be reduced. Can you explain in detail what were the difficulties faced? Modification of traditional teaching methods to improve learning. Data saturation was discussed with the faculty members analysing the comments.

The faculty perceived jaw relation, facebow, occlusion, articulators, dental ceramics and casting defects to pose challenge to students. Please review our privacy policy.

Manipal University Prosthodontics Thesis Topics

Preclinical teaching does not facilitate application in real clinical settings. Published online Aug 1. Author J received training in qualitative research methods, contributed towards development of FGD guide and identified key strategy to be adopted for conducting the discussion thus contributing towards strengthening of qualitative research methods.

Find articles by Sushma S Nayak.

Faculty focus group discussion guide. This study reveals challenges faced by the faculty and the students in teaching and learning of preclinical prosthodontics and includes their recommendations for improvement.

Dentistry has used various types of simulation in preclinical education for some time [ 27 ].

manipal university prosthodontics thesis topics