This information is put into the Earthquake Phenomena Observation System EPOS at the headquarters in Tokyo When an earthquake occurs JMA immediately issues to the public, information on its hypocenter, magnitude and observed seismic intensity. Impact Japan was largely prepared for the earthquake and many buildings remained standing afterwards, but it was not prepared for the subsequent Tsunami. Many of them streamed out of buildings in the business district, gathering in open areas. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The size of the earthquake on the Richter scale – the higher it is on the scale, the more destruction it can cause. There was a magnitude 7. It detected the Earthquake and issued televised warnings just after the very rapid P-waves that arrived but before the more damaging S waves.

It was originally reported at a magnitude of 7. In response, 91 countries have offered aid, from blankets and food to search dogs and military transport. The Japanese government is among the best prepared in the world for disasters and has so far only made specific requests for help, such as calling for search and rescue teams. Distance from epicentre – the effects of an earthquake are more severe at its centre. There were also huge numbers of large sized aftershocks, as big as magnitude 6.

When the plates stick, tension builds up. A tsunami warning extended to at least 50 nations and territories, as far away as South America. Tall buildings swayed violently in central Tokyo as the aftershocks hit. Japan is located at s meeting point of 3 tectonic plates, The Eurasian, Pacific and Philippines.


MEDC earthquake

This exposes high numbers of people to the hazards of tsunami. Modern innovations, such as Twitter were bringing updates on the situation far earlier than the media. Secondary result from primary effects.

Water could be seen rising over cars and pouring into warehouses at Onahama port in Fukushima Prefecture, with five deaths reported in Fukushima. In response, 91 countries have offered aid, from blankets and food to search dogs and military transport. Responses are how countries react to an earthquake.

Just 6 days after the quake a motorway was repaired — this shows the incredible rapidity with which the Japanese can work with their capacity to cope.

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Earthquake Case Study (New Zealand – Rich)

Many countries such as the UK sent search and rescue teams to help search for survivors. Tectonics Case Study Facts. The aftershocks occurred as the strain energy was passed along the fault, causing further quakes. National Geographic — Japan In Pictures. Many people did not react quickly enough to the tsunami alert, and even if they did the 20 sarthquake or less warning was insufficient for the people to escape.

MEDC AND LEDC EARTHQUAKES CASE STUDIES – Revision Notes in A Level and IB Geography

When this pressure builds up and is released, it causes a rapid shift in the plates and a lot of energy to be release, in levwl case about the same as earrthquake annual energy output of the UK.

It also predicted the tsunami from this event just 3 minutes after the major earthquake, giving people 20 minutes to get to safety. The effect of an earthquake is the damage which happens as a result of the earthquake.


The oceanic Pacific Plate subducts sinks under the Eurasian Plate. More thanbuildings suffered some form of damage. They have readily trained teams of people to go in and assist with events like this.

New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean in the continent of Oceania. This mrdc known as a megathrust earthquake.

The upper 10m of the soil in this zone was also very vulnerable, as the waves amplified in this soil and caused liquefaction.

Earthquake occured in small town of Bhuj, Gujarat. The warnings from the JMSA also helped save lives. The Fukushima nuclear power plant also faced directly the epicentre of the Earthquake. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

medc earthquake case study a level

Liquefaction where the ground gets saturated and loses strength caused lots of damage to roads and buildings. Radiation releases caused large evacuations, concern over food and water supplies, and treatment of nuclear workers. The time of day – whether people are in their homes, work or travelling.

medc earthquake case study a level

There were 7 foreshocks, including a magnitude 7. Much of the cultural heritage was destroyed incuding forts, palaces, temples and monuments with many of them being centuries old.