Don’t show this message again. Shield volcano Primary effects: Fires caused by broken gas pipes. Auth with social network: For a named volcanic event, compare the primary and secondary impacts 6 marks. KS4 Hazards Physical processes Teaching tools. Urban geography focuses on towns and cities — settlements with a high population density and with the majority of economic activities in the secondary sector and tertiary sectors.

Introduction to map skills Introduction to map skills Investigate what maps are and how they can be used including different types of maps and mapping your area. Convection currents Circulating movements of magma in the mantle convection currents caused by heat from the core. Write a report on the Gujarat earthquake. You will need to learn the case study of the San Francisco Earthquake. The Indian plate moves into the Eurasian plate at a rate of 6cm a year. If you live in a cities that has earthquakes you should know how to be prepared for an earthquake. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy.

Global issues KS4 Global issues Browse the topics below to find KS4 global issues teaching resources, created by experienced teachers. Type Composite volcano Name Mt St.

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These resources are free and you can download the entire pack in one go,…. Subscribe Subscribe for access to thousands of adaptable Word documents, P…. Shield volcano Primary effects: Registration Forgot your password? Remember that resource you wrote to help your students prepare for an exam or to use as a worked francisvo step by step and thought ‘That’s such a good idea, I could use that again and again?


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Changing rural environments KS4 Changing rural environments Browse the eartbquake below to find KS4 changing rural environments teaching resources, created by experienced teachers. Magnitude The size of an earthquake, measured by the Richter Scale.

They are free so please dive in – we hope you…. Height on maps Height on maps Resources to show how height can be shown on maps using map cross sections and contour lines.

To compare earthquakes caused eadthquake different types of plate movements.

Minimise loss of life Minimise disruption of critical services Minimise damage. KS3 Geography skills Hazards Teaching tools.

Tsunamis may cause flooding in coastal areas.

Composite volcano Primary effects: It was the largest earthquake to studh on the San Andreas fault since the Great San Francisco earthquake in April Go to our Share resources page and register as a contributor. On the plate boundary between the Juan de Fuca plate and North American plate. Atlas skills Atlas skills Investigate atlases to learn about the world using latitude and longitude, locational knowledge, enquiry and research skills. Needs training of local artisans new skills strengthening of wall corners, using wire mesh and cement overlay although mesh not often available in aerthquake areas install ring beam band of concrete at roof level Pointing of exterior walls with cement mortar LEDC building design: Forgotten sutdy If you joined online with an individual account, your username is your email address.


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Explore the study of geography by looking at what franciwco is and the three types of geography. Published by Albert Garrett Modified over 3 years ago. Fukushima, Japan By Vicki and Ben. This privacy notice explains how your data is collected, used, transferred and disclosed by us. As well as class notes, see the following links for further detailed information on the quake.

Published by Louis Northup Modified over 4 years ago. The thick jelly like white is the deep hot magma.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

If you’ve not tried them, you are…. To briefly medcc measures taken. Prediction and prevention of the effects of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes By forecasting, the design of buildings and defences, planning and. El Salvador, Central America Size: The time of year and climate Influences survival rates and the rate at which disease can spread. A earthquake just happen!

medc earthquake case study san francisco