Conclusion The limitations not withstanding, the present study provides initial evidence for MedLink. Study Design The aim of the study was to evaluate MedLink in a representative group of patients to 1 ensure the system was functioning properly over time; 2 identify any problems in the system; 3 obtain user feedback; 4 evaluate adherence and depression severity. While patients reported that they would find an adherence support system such as MedLink useful, many were taking multiple medications for multiple medical problems and stated that they would prefer to manage all of their medications in a single system. The app was intended to be used a minimum of 1—2 times per week to read the weekly lessons and complete questions. Medical Justice Legal Insurance Medical Justice is a proprietary insurance product that supplements conventional medical malpractice policies. American Psychiatric Association This official website of the APA provides advocacy and education resources, practice guidelines, information for patients, and other information of interest to psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists, psychologists, and other medical specialists.

Neurology Patient Pages The Neurology Patient Page provides critical reviews of neurologic discoveries written especially for patients and their families as well as links to additional information resources for neurologic patients. A disease specific approach opens the opportunity to address a comprehensive set of failure points in pharmacotherapy that include specific patient issues e. Physician-Facing Elements We conducted 2 focus groups with 10 physicians each. Int J Med Inform. Stereotactic radiosurgery for patients with intractable typical trigeminal neuralgia who have failed medical management IRSA.

We elected to retain the treatment recommendation because failure to optimize the medication regimen is a common physician failure point and EMR-based decision support is increasingly common. The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of a systemic digital intervention, MedLink, which comprehensively and systematically addresses modifiable patient, physician and communication failure points during the early acute phase of treatment for depression in primary care.

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medlink research paper 2015

This was intended to prevent notification fatigue, where repeated, automated messages become noise for the recipient. However, a common concern raised in initial lab usability testing was that most patients are taking multiple medications for multiple problems, and want to have a single system for managing all of their medications [ 21 ].


It offers information on genes, mrdlink, genetic disorders, a glossary, an online handbook, and links to online resources.

Using individual pill bottles presents safety issues; if patients place medications in the wrong bottle, adherence data will be incorrect and erroneous reminders will be launched. The reminders are intended to address problems related to forgetfulness.

medlink research paper 2015

Arch Fam Med ; 6: In many cases, these tools complement or directly support innovations presented on this site. Fox Trial Finder Fox Fox Trial Finder, part of the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, is a solution to connect willing volunteers with Parkinson disease clinical trials and studies that urgently need them, streamlining the flow of participants into studies and speeding progress toward therapeutic breakthroughs.

Information on guideline congruent treatment was softened to recommendations. These findings, reported elsewhere [ 21 ], identified minor problems, which were corrected.

The present study has a number of limitations. Epilepsy Foundation A comprehensive online resource for individuals affected by seizure disorders. The de facto US mental and addictive disorders service system. Three sample mock-ups were produced, with input from a general physician that included all requested elements. All participants completed all outcome assessments and showed substantial improvement in depression see Table 2.

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Given the number of patient factors driving non-adherence, and the lack of communication between physicians and patients, and the failure of physicians to optimize the treatment regimen, it is not surprising that adherence rates are so low and treatment outcomes are so poor. Many patients did not see the reminders in the tray and several did not like pop-up reminders, with one participant commenting that the prompts interrupted her use of the phone.

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It offers information about how to get palliative care and provides palliative care stories, resources, and articles. In the absence of a detectable medication adherence event within 10 minutes of their dose time, patients receive medication prompts i.


Reporting and Communication Every 4 weeks, the MedLink system generates a physician report see Figure 3 that includes information on depressive symptom severity, side effects, adherence rates, and a treatment recommendation based on treatment guidelines.

Kristen M Harris as principal investigator, this website is an excellent source of ultrastructural electronic microscopic images of axons, dendrites, and neurons. While there is not sufficient data to indicate specifically where this burden would occur, we speculate that this would result in part from added patient contact.

Demographic and study characteristics were reported as frequencies and percentages for categorical variables and mean and SD for continuous variables. Continuity of antidepressant treatment for adults with depression in the United States. Comatose survivor outcome prediction after cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A trained research assistant called participants and, when applicable, guided them through the installation of the app. Most people with depression are treated in general medicine using antidepressant medication.

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For example, patients could choose to receive reminders via tray notifications, pop-up messages, widget notifications, emails, automated phone calls or reesearch messages. The site provides extensive information about the Human Genome Project as well as genetic information on selected diseases and online genetic and genomic research resources. The site provides educational resources, information on the latest research, tip sheets, a directory of agencies and organizations that address the health care needs of older adults, up-to-date information on Medicare, advocacy information, and more.

MedLink also appeared to affect processes of care. Seven of the 8 patients had follow-up physician contact to monitor and adjust medications during the trial or shortly after.