Radiation oncology chairs share similar major stressors to other chair groups, but they demonstrate relatively high job satisfaction and lower burnout. The questionnaire utilized both open and closed ended questions and was pretested for finalization. The argument is made that it is essential that the instruments used to assess students educational outcomes be valid measures of the goals…. We need to take action regardless. These institutions are also among the leaders in underrepresented minority enrollment.

More information about these and other health insurance mandate bills can be found on the CHBRP website. Significant differences were found in amount of time that nurses were in the role of academic nurse educator and the demographic variables of number of children, marital status, and highest degree held. Leigh also hopes that the innovative statistical analysis he and Dr. Conclusion After experiencing a three. All responding programs had active educational programs for EM residents, with a median of 37 residents per program. Academic intensive care unit physicians that direct fellowship programs frequently perceived being overburdened in the intensive care unit. Over a month period, the Medi-Cal patients who received a brief intervention and referral to treatment experienced a 60 percent decline in ED utilization.

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Thus, the latter remains an identified, yet nationally unaddressed, patient safety concern. A substantial majority of academic EM leaders in our study were aware of Choosing Wisely, but only slightly more than half could recall any ACEP recommendations for the program.

Theses and dissertations represent a wealth of scholarly and artistic content created by masters and doctoral students in the degree-seeking process.

For guidance see Citations, Rights, Re-Use. Thus, recruiting practice improvement is imperative.

This paper presents reliability and stability testing of a concise, research-based survey instrument designed to examine student perceptions of academic experiences that is particularly suited to institutions rooted in the liberal…. Mentorship is important to foster career development and satisfaction in junior faculty. We conducted a survey of the 86 academic programs in radiation oncology to determine the current status of endowed chairs in this discipline.


Low rates of college completion are a major problem in the Gpsdin States. This report, the 41th annual gsodinrepresents data from academic year What Descriptive information to help identify this thesis. The questionnaire utilized both open and closed ended questions and was pretested for finalization.

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Use of this thesis is restricted to the UNT Community. Psychological determinants involved in the stress process, trait anxiety and coping, have been neglected when assessing the role of academic programs in stress.

Issues regarding trainees with SPCP are frequently addressed by academic and internship program directors. Academic Linkage and Credentialing.

It suggests options for further research on…. This study assessed the efficacy of message strategies, message channels, recruiting materials, and messages for recruiting students into an academic program with low enrollment. The Student Academic Experience Survey.

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On April dissertahion,a survey was mailed to all dental hygiene education administrators in the U. Key elements of an academic Critical Care Organization are outlined.

melissa gosdin dissertation

These results have the potential to affect application patterns to established general surgery residency programs. Obvious advantages of this approach include placing student development courses in tne hands of staff who know students best, insuring the courses’ continued existence,….

The last three questions also were of a qualitative open-ended format to allow respondents to provide additional details regarding their reasons for working at RCSs and their future intentions. When asked about President Trump’s comment on the report, Margolis said, “Thirteen federal agencies, their scientists and [ scientists from universities across the nation] worked on this and there’s not one of us who do not believe it.


Policy should facilitate this wish in order to address current shortfalls in clinical academic medicine. Program elements included one-on-one mentor-mentee meetings, didactic workshops, grant review assistance, and facilitated peer-group mentoring.

The purpose of this research was to evaluate academic library residency programs that successfully recruit and retain academic librarians of color.

melissa gosdin dissertation

Less than 60 percent of students at four-year colleges graduate within six years, and at some colleges, the graduation rate is less than 10 percent.

The authors meliasa the perceptions of information systems IS students with those cissertation IS practitioners regarding IS careers, the practice of outsourcing, and academic programs. Research results were used to the improvement of the instructional design godin the physics activity demonstrating internal evaluation process for effective intervention. The process was managed by a multidisciplinary steering committee under the guidance of an external consultant and consisted of reviewing strategic planning documents from close collaborators and institutional partners, conducting interviews with key stakeholders, deploying a program -wide surveyfacilitating an anonymous and confidential e-mail feedback box, and collecting information from group deliberations.

A quasi-experimental study was designed using pre-tests, post-tests, and a control group approach to examine the effects of the intervention program. A Study of One Academic Institution. For information about other bills that may be of interest, check out the California Legislative Information website. United States Geological Survey Alaska program ,