They are then set homework to learn these phrases and tested on them in the subsequent lesson. Look through their book, find a piece of work, single out the positives and finish with a comment about how much you valued the effort and thought that went into it. One method I have used in the past particularly with lower ability learners or year 7s is the look, cover, write, check sheet. The questions the teacher needs to ask are as follows:. This might sound very basic and something that you do all the time but I find that quite often textbook schemes of work do not have this link from one element to the next. Then the students need to do something with the knowledge to reinforce it, otherwise it is just another video.

Sometimes they just need a little encouragement. If you need convincing of the effect you can have then read this. We know from research by people such as John Hattie that feedback can be incredibly important. Look through their book, find a piece of work, single out the positives and finish with a comment about how much you valued the effort and thought that went into it. I have been teaching my year 9s the future tense and the conditional. The only issue I have with these sites is you cannot see which students have done the work! Languagesonline is also excellent.

Another idea would be hmework ask students for an ASL calcuation. There are some brilliant worksheets out there on websites such as TES and the excellent Frenchteacher.

The issues we face are the Common Assessment tasks that already form part of our Schemes mdl Work which would be non-negotiable homeworks as well as the fact that there is a varying level of access to tablets and PCs at home.


So why not just give the kids the book?! Just as feedback and marking should drive learning forward; homework should do the same! I think there is a place for it, but video selection needs to be carefully done. Once the rationale was explained, most students went for it.

Having said that, you might have a low tkaeaway budget so I would encourage you to create your own or borrow bits from other people and condense it on to a single page. Sometimes the grammar book used is not the regular one e.

mfl takeaway homework

Suddenly we have a situation where the feedback informs the next piece of work. It adds value and reinforces their importance. I teach German and one thing I have been trying to do is to link new learning to old learning at every opportunity. James concluded that overall the quality of work on a weekly basis is higher and there has been whole department buy-in.

By testing it, takeawya will give it value. takesway

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Their parents are texted to let them know and whilst there are some who avoid it due to buses etc, there has been a reduction in the number of pupils who don’t do their homework.

I mentioned DIRT mats in this post.

mfl takeaway homework

One of the best bits of the blog mentioned above is this: Lastly in that first 5 minutes, focus on the ones who need your attention most. They have a sheet in their books that has the endings and the persons along takeway a table of irregulars. She has responded really well.


For a while we ran with comment only marking and to an extent we still do in that pieces of work are not graded. This came originally from a colleague in Bristol and a colleague currently on maternity leave. You can find an example on the TES here.

Takeaway homework mfl mar

James Gardner says that electing to do Takeaway Homework whereby pupils choose what they are going to do from a list of options gave takeway and his department an opportunity to make something meaningful out of something which many schools struggle with. Do not underestimate the power of a well-placed positive comment.

mfl takeaway homework

By sanctioning unacceptable performance, you will find students homewwork more likely to do it. Some may disagree but I find this visually powerful for the kids. Vocabulary learning Photo Credit: Languagesonline is also excellent. If making comments then they should be demanding a response. I have highlighted my favourite one in orange.

Takeaway homework mfl mar – College Students Essay

The second video shows that over time with a diet of quality instruction and effective feedback people generally improve at whatever they are doing. What on earth is going on?!!! The question is now what to do about the less-dedicated ones but that is another blog post!