I agree with you! Portman said she started forming these attitudes about Holocaust education when she realized that, when she was attending college, the Rawandan genocide was going on, and not nearly enough was being done about it. Well that is not how the Jewish people and Judaism will flourish. She lives in a different world.. There’s a guy called Ross Douthat who writes in the crimson www. She wants people to use that knowledge of the Holocaust to work toward ending all genocides still going on around the world.

Not used in a paranoid way of thinking that we are victims. Israel is a mighty, strong, and wonderful nation, its people have never lost their dignity, and they behave with honor. The world doesn’t care about the Jews but they do respect the or so nuclear warheads possessed by Israel. We cannot let what happened in the Holocaust be forgotten. Clemenza Have you ever seen the full European cut of Leon?

You should look him up. The unique and ultimate home for all jewish people!! Millions more are being slaughtered as I write this. If we focus too much on tragedy, the children don’t want to be part of that.

Why make a business out of this Jews News. Portman gives new meaning to the concept of “Shonda.

Jews should be concentrating a little bit more for the present and the future, especially, the present danger of a new Holocaust. I can understand why. Read the bible Dan Ezek and Rev then you will know. But hey, talk about a catch. KAPOism — back to the future https: We cannot let what happened in the Holocaust be forgotten.


Now, to know that she might crimzon some of the same philosophies that I believe in Did she really say this for real?? She wants people to use that knowledge of the Holocaust to work toward ending all genocides still harvadr on around the world.

natalie portman essay harvard crimson

Note that the WashPost article leaves her real last name out I agree with her to some extent. Alan Kardon He has a good point, while the holocaust natalle extremely tragic, there are many other things that we should emphasize.

Archerd is far left.

Natalie Portman’s letter in The Harvard Crimson | The Better Hour

She graduated with natapie B. Before you accuse me of being a Professor Humbert Humbert, I should inform you that me and Natalie are close in age.

She clearly does not understand the immensity and the horror of the Holocaust or the fact that if we choose to forget our past we are destined to repeat it, however barbaric that may be. Hey Natalie, maybe you can take after Mayim Bialik!

natalie portman essay harvard crimson

They are Gods chosen for a reason, they are an inspiration to me and a perfect lesson of what can happen when people turn a blind eye to the reality of hate in this world and what it can do if left unchecked. However, it harvqrd in the USA and abroad everyday people are being killedor terrorist attacks are being foiled.

Is Natalie Portman Right and Jews Need to Chillax about the Holocaust?

Or click here to close it. I came away from this article with the opposite idea. We need to show students how being Jewish is a beautiful thing, and the Torah and mitzvos spiritually fulfill us and spread goodness. Depending on which Yeshiva or Day School you go to, emphasis on Holocaust history will vary.


natalie portman essay harvard crimson

Her statements arrive at a time when fewer and fewer people are still alive who witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust, and at this particular time, she questions the role of the Holocaust in Jewish education. Let me stuff her in a gas chamber naked and starving and see if she still wants to porrman.

July 4th But hey, talk about a catch. Portman wanted to be Professor Mandel, she-should-would have been a trolley car! She can do whatever she likes, but she should keep quiet and not speak for others.

I should also add that this might be the only issue that she has these somewhat conservative sentiments, but hey it is a shocker that she actually has spoken out about the issue. That is why her comments are so deeply disturbing. The actress returned to Jerusalem to shoot some scenes of the film.