I also feel they did not have adequate data to support their claims about MFT’s coming into the field every day in my area. Management has told me they are fully aware of the problem but do not care — after all NCU is about profit. Often they disagree among themselves. This one is a joke! No recommended id you expect good mentoring. I’m desperately seeking another school and trying to be careful about taking more classes, because ultimately, I’ll reach a point where they all won’t transfer to the new program, but I can’t waste time getting this degree, which I’m just not very proud that I’m earning because I’m getting my knowledge from the textbook and scholarly research that I not the mentor found for myself. I had instructors that were knowledgeable and were responsive to my needs.

They are not there to present the material to you each week. The salesmen who enrolled me did not reveal this issue to me. I am expecting to learn real Organization Behavior from the professor not from textbook. The 16 dissertation credits are broken down as follows: After one year, the second year of the dissertation, my work went back to the need to redo from chapter 1, due to another program admin change and submission of proof of work change. I also know that the reputation of a school is important.

One to one mentoring at NCU is via email, unless the Chair or mentor chooses to engage. No your single complaint won’t have any effect, but dozens or hundreds will.

ncu dissertation timeline

Compared to other accredited online schools, I don’t think NCU is better or worse but it is definitely more affordable. Online means you must be self-motivated and persistent in chasing down your instructors.


My experience with NCU was positive. The biggest misconception that many new doctoral students tend to make is that they assume everything should be directed and specified in the smallest detail to them– that is not the point of post-graduate degrees especially a Ph.

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Mar 08, and hq academic papers about your life – moveable tasks. Throughout the next step requires you some examples, free essays, cute essay. Take ownership and responsibility for oneself.

My school was being paid by the loan. I refused to register for another semester.

ncu dissertation timeline

Something is wrong with NCU, their class ivory tower they seem to believe they have does not fit the model of an online adult education. The salesmen who enrolled me did not reveal this issue to me. I cannot speak about the tuition issue as I never ran into that.

At NCU, students are obligated to pay the full course tuition even if they withdraw in week two. If you on the fence about attending, this school is as good as the next institution. When I finished the first course I went on and withdrew from the University overall.

ncu dissertation timeline

And, NCU, we are people. The process was rigorous; NCU is not for the faint of heart.

The primordial, ancient greek goddess of lufthansa case study challenge culmination of 1 template unisa personal. My dissertation chair was changed over 4 times, and all of the chairs were incompetent, unavailable, unhelpful, and unprofessional. My EdD was truly an experience and extremely challenging. I strongly recommend that you consider NCU, if you are looking at attending online.


One would hope for improved attitudes and performance levels. This takes practice and it takes dedication over the years you will sacrifice to complete your doctoral degree. All seems ok, and time,ine you start the dissertation courses. I have engaged with my mentors at some level for every course: I am currently in my ddissertation class with NCU.

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For student retention, NCU faculty engages in grade inflation. The information is good, but outdated by a couple of years. When you have problem they treat you worse than elementary school children and many of the students in the doctoral program are afraid to say anything for fear of repercusions.

The new full-time dissertation chair model is a joke and has only been dissertaiton to support the upcoming accreditation.

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However, the senior leadership lacks the appropriate focus on academic quality and is far more focused on spending more and more money on acquiring leads to contact and convert to new students while increasing their profit margins through higher tuition to ultimately increase the university’s valuation for sale. I’ve done very well navigating through course requirements and maintain a 4. I personally know retired military officers, published authors, inventors with patents