Direct any questions regarding OneDrive, or the sharing of your video file, to Stephen. Abbasi, Noorunnissa, Karma Chavez, D. View More Subject Aluminum alloys — Corrosion. Frank Manthey Marina Johnson Program: The Legacy and Relevance of Disease Rhetorics. Playing the Benevolent Subject. Confirm your final product is around 3 minutes and that the audio is clear.

To schedule your appointment, contact Steve Beckermann at or stephen. The Rocky Mountain Communication Review, 3 3 , You can arrange a Skype session with Stephen Beckermann so that we could record your video that way. Preparatory Workshop A recording of the required preparatory workshop may be found here: Marisol Berti Osvaldo Teuber Program: Race, Sex, Class and Culture Online pp. Any text should be kept to a minimum and should be in a large, easy to read font, no smaller than 32 points.

The Epidemiology of Digital Infrastructure.

ndsu dissertation video

Social media sites see uptick in fake charities during natural disasters. Noble and Brendesha Tynes Eds. Faculty sponsor for grant to hire an undergraduate research assistant.

ndsu dissertation video

Students interested in graduate studies in Plant Sciences or Horticulture should apply through the Graduate School. Given that, it might make sense to speak briefly at the beginning about how you became interested in your topic and to highlight the importance or implications of your work at the end of your video.


Solid colors are best, with the exception of white, black or gray. If you plan to return to campus prior to completing your degree e.

Activism and the Academy. Remember me on this computer. Alfredo Aponte Zayas Program: Garlough, Elena Esquibel, Michaela R. ND Agricultural Experiment Station. Making Science Fiction Real: Make sure to not divulge information that would reveal human research participants or share classified or proprietary information.

Ph.D. Dissertation Videos — Plant Sciences

When planning what to wear, consider how you would like to present yourself. Marisol Berti Osvaldo Teuber Program: Doctoral students are required to participate in a preparatory workshop prior to filming their video.

Francois Marais Grant Mehring Program: Any text should be kept to a minimum and should be in a large, easy to read font, no smaller than 32 points. Three-minute videos summarizing dissertation research for a lay audience.

Accumulating evidence suggests a potential relationship between approach motivation and perceptual enhancement. Marisol Berti Xianwen Zhu Program: An Argument for Post-Humanism.


Ph.D. Dissertation Videos — Plant Sciences

An Argument for Post-Humanism. Fargo-Moorhead Area Foundation, Waterhouse Family Institute, Francois Marais Grant Mehring Program: Remember that your time is limited so stick to the main points. A Call for Caution.

ndsu dissertation video

Elena De La Pena Program: Skip to main content. It will be there throughout the whole ndsuu, but you will not be able to see it as you talk or point to it.

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Was there anything surprising about your findings? Jot down some of the key ideas that are important for someone to understand, and think about how you would explain them to a year-old. A Call for Caution.

No heavy or special application is necessary.