Mohanty, Mahendra Kumar Direct torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motor drives with conventional and svm approach. Sachdev, M Wireless intrusion detection system using fingerprinting. Feasible Location, Potential and Installation in Odisha. Mawatwal, K Two stage spectrum sensing for cognitive radio. Kukkala, Vivekananda Experimental study and optimization of the machining parameters in ultrasonic vibrationassisted turning UVT.

Reddy , B Kasi Viswanatha Fast block matching motion estimation algorithms for video compression. Datta, Suprabeet Modelling critical gaps for U-turn vehicles at median openings under Indian mixed traffic conditions. Sahoo, Rupashree Ragini Behaviour of eccentrically loaded shallow foundations on granular soil. Raman, R Study on models for smart surveillance through multi-camera networks. Das, Saikishan and Prasanna, K Multiple robot co-ordination using particle swarm optimisation and bacteria foraging algorithm. Rana, Subal Chandra Development of a mathematical model for mixing index in gas- solid fluidized Bed.

Bhattacharyya, Prasun Design of a novel high speed dynamic comparator with low power dissipation for high speed ADCs. The cumbersome but too necessary essay project that maybe what sends so many students around australia, and round the world for that matter, trying to find quality essay help online. Shrivastava, V Security scheme for wireless sensor network. Chakraborty, Debarka Sensor Database System. Swain, Litun Eaurkela between ionic liquid and lysozyme: Sahu, Jambeswar An intelligent approach for multi-response optimization: Prasad, N Architectural implementation of cordic unit and its applications.


V B, Shaibu Numerical analysis of work roll cooling in hot rolling process. Alleviating the theeis node. Sahoo, Sauvagya Ranjan Analysis and thhesis of improved feedthrough logic. Jain, S Red mud as a construction material by using bioremediation.

Answered Apr 23, Sirisha, Y Sai Hydrodynamic study and drying of grains in a tapered fluidized bed. Pilli, Sofia Carboxy methyl chotosan modified liposomes as anti cancer drug delivery system.

nit raurkela mtech thesis

Kumar, Rajeev Numerical solution of moving boundary problem related to continuous casting. Kumar N, S Power quality issues and its mitigation techniques.

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Tech Programme for the academic session Your Common App essay must demonstrate to who you really are on the college admissions officers reviewing you. V, Rahees Mohammed Kurikkal O. The feedback you provide will help us show you more ruarkela content in the future. Sudhakar, D S Synthesis and upgradation of castor seed bio-oil using catalytic cracking.

Find out by taking a free full-length practice test. Kumar, Satyajeet Investigation of fly ash polymer composite.

Seragadam, Padma A study on Bio-removal of nickel from electroplating industry. Behera, Baishnu Bhusan Assessment of lime stabilized slag- fly ash mixes as a highway material. Sha, Bibhu Bhusan Numerical and experimental investigation of common rurkela pulsating heat pipe.


B, Mallikarjun Response of extended eulerbernoulli beam under impulse load using wavelet spectral finite element method. Kundu, Parmananda Vibration control of frame structure using multiple tuned mass dampers.

SahuSupriya Performance evaluation of uncoated and multi layer TiN coated carbide rurkela in hard turning. In conclusion, relating to exact sciences, including the author influences eyes with the student.

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B, Aarif Simulation of Helium Liquefier. Mahato, Subham Expanded graphite fortified magnesia-carbon refractories: Karthik, N B Vision system for autonomous navigation. Akula, H Particle swarm optimisation based DG tnesis in primary distribution networks for voltage profile improvement and loss reduction. Pravinbhai, Munjpara Priyesh Implementation of multi-tier authentication technique for single-sign on access of cloud services.

Kola, N Reliability based analysis of dam embankment, geocellreinforced foundation and embankment with stone columns using finite element method.

nit raurkela mtech thesis

Nangia, Aniket CFD analysis of a vertical tube with external helical fins in natural convection.