Maliya, vinod kumar and Naik, preetam kumar Effect of defects on mechanical properties of composite. Singh, Rahul Vehicle Model Identification. Rout, S S Processing of porous ceramics —a case study with hydroxyapatite and plantago ovata. Pati, Soumya Ranjan Synthesis and characterisation of activated carbon and its study on Cr VI removal from water. Singh, Kaushal Kishore and Bhattacharjee, Sudipto Study on the effect of high energy ball milling a nano material process on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a Al-Si-Fe-Cu alloy. Tripathy, Siddhartha Intelligent Robotic Navigation. Sahoo, Nibedita Design of Water Tank.

A Digital Forensic Approach. Khandeparker, Ashish Study of different operating parameters of fcc unit with aspen-hysys. Yadav , Sunil Energy from municipal waste using a gasifier. Borah, R Synthesis of natural fiber templated high surface area nano-structured TiO2 and its application in photocatalysis. Naaz, Farha Fabrication of chitosan based nanofibers by electrospinning and their characterisation. Bagal, Dilip Experimental investigation and modeling micro-drilling operation of aerospace material. Srivastava, Arpit and Nag, Deepti Ranjan Pressure drop through a fixed bed of particles with disc promoter.

Ghosh, Abhijit Effort estimation Of web based applications. Mohanty, Toshali Design of a hybrid electric vehicle. Mandal, Manabesh and Behera, Kedar Sankar Analysis of color histogram based similarity search and retrieval strategy of videos in Video on Demand systems.

nit rourkela phd thesis

Karthikeyan, G and Sahoo, Radharaman Independent component analysis based blind signal separation for mixed speech signal. PatraPratik Development of methology for seismic design of concrete gravity dam. YAG laser butt welding of high carbon steel.


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Nayak, Shibani Shankar Vibrational analysis of a simply supported beam with crack. Mallick, S Study on pulsed Nd: SarangiAnkita Liposome formation by adipose tissue derived lipids and its applications. Das, S Optimization of heat transfer using CFD simulation for concentric helical coil heat exchanger for constant temperature outer wall.

Lenka, Abinash Effect of calcination temperature on kaolinite for mullitisation of kaolinite and alumina mixture. Soren, B Studies on drying kinetics using fluidized bed dryer.

Dasgupta, Anirban and Mukherjee, Aneek State feedback control of power system oscillations. Rakesh, K Vehicle tracking and accident alert system. Vineela, Sanampudi Eye Corner Detection. Tiwari, R and Sameer, S and P. Bhalla, Karan and Prasad, Deepak Data preperation and pattern discovery for web usage mining. A study on image enhancement and minutiae extraction.

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Rana, Shambhu bhusan Development of ceramic tiles using waste materials. Paswan, Swati Studying the arsenic absorption by keratin protein not from human hair. RamyatanujaA Design of a spectrum analyser. Rout, Saroj Kumar Design of digital thermometer and application in electrospinning. DebataBijay Kumar Development of porous hydroxyapatite for orthopedic applications.

Nayak, Paresh Ranjan Electronic chip cooling in vertical configuration using fluent gambit. P, Dhanush Experimental studies on heat transfer augmentation for flow of liquid through circular tubes using twisted gi wires with and without baffles as insert.


Singh, Praveen Kumar and Arya, Kapil Control and designing of the DC motor drive using tehsis controllers with the help of theiss simulation.

Agrawalla, Y Optimization of machining parameters in a turning operation of austenitic stainless steel to minimize surface roughness and tool wear. Kumar, T Automatic text summarization.

Singh, Ankita Studies on some aspects of composite machining. Pandey, A K Simulation of traffic movement in vanet using sumo. Sainath, Chaluvadi Venkata Face Detection using Color based method with lighting compensation scheme.

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Pradhan, Raunaq Design, Fabrication and optimization of collector set-ups for obtaining aligned nanofibers. Moka, Vijay Krishna Estimation of calorific value of biomass from its elementary components by niy analysis.

nit rourkela phd thesis

Patra, R Rate studies on monoethanolamine-carbon dioxide-water system. Sharan, Alankar and Kumar, Atul Vibrational analysis of sandwich beams.

Roy, Susnata Mammographic lesion classification using discrete orthonormal s-transform.