Students submitting a creative writing thesis should follow the directions of the 8. Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation Format Requirements Introduction The requirements contained in this booklet apply to the master’s thesis and the doctoral dissertation. The Introduction should contain a brief statement of the investigated problem. School of Graduate Studies Formatting Guidelines for Thesis and Dissertations School of Graduate Studies Formatting Guidelines for Thesis and Dissertations Titling the thesis The thesis will be a valuable resource for other scholars only if it can be easily identified and located. Style manuals provide guidelines for footnoting. Common symbols, such as those in scientific notation, may be used.

Any thesis writer not familiar with the problem of plagiarism and the penalties that follow from its use should consult the NMU Student Handbook. The deadlines for scheduling the final oral examination, payment of fees and submission. The Office of Graduate Education and Research assumes that the research meets departmental standards and that the final thesis has been approved by the thesis advisor and committee. Problems of Historical Accuracy and Reporting Position of Sharpened Stake Held by Stakeholder

Include in the abstract a statement of the problem, a description of the methods, and the major findings of the study. Scientific style and format: Skip two lines and type, centered and single-spaced: If the department does not specify a manual, the student may use thsis of the below-named thesis guidebooks as a final guide.

nmu thesis guidelines

guideoines The dedication page should be brief with text centered on the page. Common symbols, such as those in scientific notation, may be used.


You will receive another email when your thesis is accepted or if you are required to make revisions by the Interim Director of Graduate Education.

Thesis Information

This manual summarizes the relevant rules and regulations of graduate studies in Qatar University. Number all subsequent pages with Arabic numbers; numerals should be centered 0.

nmu thesis guidelines

The Chicago manual of style: Since thfsis permission is often a lengthy process, students should begin obtaining copyright releases as soon as they decide to use the material. See the Sample More information. Others will use them to provide supplemental material.

Dalhousie Thesis Guidelines 1. Revis To help fulfill the More information. From Proposal to Defense. Authenticated Methods of Vampire Elimination An on-campus restriction limits access to a thesis in The Commons to users on the NMU campus network, either via Wi-Fi or a direct Ethernet connection.

For consistency of style, a student should choose only one reference as a guide. Use leading periods between the end of the page or subsection title, and the page number. These methods have ranged from the primitive impalement with wooden stakes and decapitation, through sprinkling with holy water, exposure to sunlight, and, most recently, penetration with graphite dum-dum bullets fired from special automatic weapons.

All suggestions of plagiarism will be investigated, and, if guilty, students will be penalized. The completed thesis must conform to the instructions in this handbook as well as to any special requirements of student s department. Single guidelibes within each left-justified entry and double-space between entries. Photograph of Remains of Destroyed Vampire.


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Any thesis that uses other works, either in direct quotation or by reference, must contain a list of these sources. Body of the Thesis 1. When writing the thesis, students must follow the instructions in guicelines guide, in addition to adhering to specific departmental requirements. Authors retain yuidelines copyright to their own paper and grant The Commons at Northern Michigan University the non-exclusive right to publish this material, meaning that the author may also publish it elsewhere.

When conflicts arise between formatting recommended by this manual, and that recommended by a specific style guide, follow the recommendations provided in this manual.

nmu thesis guidelines

S programs must demonstrate evidence of a high degree of scholarship, competence in scholarly exposition and. Give every figure or table a number and a legend, a descriptive title that is generally one sentence of text.

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Paragraph divisions may be indicated by indenting the first line, or by leaving a blank line in the double-spaced text. Electronic Thesia and Dissertations.

This section is the last major division of the text. The footnoting style adopted from a style manual must be used consistently throughout the project.