They will discuss with you service-specific requirements and the career implications of your decision, which vary by branch of service. Please refer to the thesis timeline that applies to you on our Submission Process page look for red text that says, “please tell us which type of student you are”. Skip to Content Naval Postgraduate School. Yes—in fact, you should grant access to all of your reviewers as part of the thesis process. What citation style should I use? If you do, please follow the compatibility settings carefully before upgrading.

Crash course in LaTeX and tutorials. Once connected to Cloudlab, open your browser and type in your SharePoint site. Next, remove the period and tab space from the Figure Caption style. Em dashes — signify sudden breaks within a sentence. You and your advisors should always check out your thesis from SharePoint whenever you make changes. See “Target submission dates” below. All students are required to use SharePoint when working with Thesis Processing.

Your team has two choices:. CHDS students Students writing export-controlled theses Students writing classified theses DL students may be excluded from this requirement if internet connectivity is unavailable For more information, click here. If prompted for your username and password type: Students and advisors automatically receive a publication announcement to shareepoint NPS email addresses.

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During business hours, email spresearch nps. If you really want the cross references to remain in the middle of sentences, and you do not have many of them, wait until figures or tables are in their permanent places in your file.


Staff directory Sign in to access staff bios and phone numbers. You and your co-authors will continue to work together after you detach, because you are collectively responsible for the quality of the final product. Skip to Content Naval Postgraduate School.

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Save the URL in your Favorites. Insert cross references where needed.

nps thesis sharepoint

Em dashes — signify sudden breaks within a sentence. Students writing classified theses do not use SharePoint.

First, log into Python

Thesls your recommended timeline, choose from a student type below. The standard delegates for an advisor are the Program Officer and Academic Associate. I am a DL student.

Your team has two choices: To check out and work on your thesis: Please drop by our offices; we are happy to show you how to use the template. Dragons are fierce, dragons are powerful. How do I get a SharePoint site for my thesis? Do I have a thesis SharePoint site?

nps thesis sharepoint

If you are in the U. All students are required to use SharePoint when working with Thesis Processing.

nps thesis sharepoint

Step-by-step submission guides Please tell us which type of student you are: If it does, it may be because of interactions between Word and MathType, or issues with embedded graphics.


If you created equations outside of MathType and need to sharepoiht them, or if you created equations in MathType without first numbering them, but now want them numbered, follow these instructions:. If you are an extension student and will finish your thesis soon, please email spresearch nps. This small, standalone building is west of Watkins Hall, near the Sloat gate entrance, next to the parking lot. Skip to Content Naval Postgraduate School.

If this doesn’t work, choose the option to install the Cloudlab client.

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If you need help, see your thesis processor. Do I have to use SharePoint for my thesis?

You are currently logged in. If you are in the military, you must also notify your military service representative and program officer of your plans to detach before your thesis is complete. Your new command may want verification of your graduation from NPS, which can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.