Submit thesis abstract and research outline as PDFs to ir. Check your application status on Albert on the Academics page under Graduation. Students are highly encouraged to include their dissertation in the IFA Dissertation Collection and should contact Jenni Rodda after their dissertation is complete. Interpretive These are no less rigorous in their use of evidence than empiricist approaches, but interpretivism is a stance that characterizes a major strand within the social sciences. It should also include your research question and any sub-question s. IFA students may defend their dissertation at any time during the year. You will also need to explore the policy context.

Making dissertations available openly can broaden audience, increase citations, and allow potential employers and publishers to more easily find the work. If you choose this latter option, fulltext copies will only be distributed at the request of library patrons for personal, noncommercial scholarly uses. Images that are subject to copyright or other third party rights may be used when consistent with fair use law and best practices, or with permission from the rights holder. Licensed images must be used in a manner consistent with license terms and conditions. Am I required to submit my dissertation to ProQuest? It is the student’s responsibility to review and meet their requirements and deadlines. Please consult your thesis supervisor and seminar instructor if any of the other illustrated components are required.

Methodology concerns the relationship between your theoretical stance and the manner in which you conduct your investigation. This word limit does not include footnotes, front matter, or appendices.

Return to MA Student Handbook. What are the implications for policy?

nyu gsas dissertation deadlines

Expected Term of Graduation The term in which you expect to graduate is an important part of your student record, especially if you receive any form of financial aid. Large file sizes can be avoided by resizing all of your images, especially your personal photography, to a size equal to or below x pixels. Students may officially graduate in September, January or May. In order to graduate in a specific semester, dissertatio must apply for graduation within the application deadline period.

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nyu gsas dissertation deadlines

Discussion and conclusions The discussion links your findings with the research question. If the dates below fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is designated as the next business day. All theses involve the use of empirical evidence even if it is existing evidence reported in the relevant literaturebut what is called empiricism is an approach to evidence that is aligned to the conventions associated with the natural sciences.

The conclusions drawn should be substantiated from within the body of the dissertation. The thesis is the culmination of independent supervised research and should be approximately 15, words in length.

A list of images or plates must be included in the front matter of the dissertation.

Dissertation Defense Guidelines

Pages must be numbered. The introduction should provide a brief overview of the structure of your dissertation i. At this time, the student should contact the Academic Office about scheduling a defense. The Dissertation Deposit Form asks you to warrant that any third party copyrighted materials are used appropriately. The ability to include images or other thirdparty copyrighted materials within the dissertation, in accordance with fair use.

Submitting Dissertations

It is not the same as your research topic; it is a specific question that you want to try and answer. The thesis component of the degree allows students to pursue topics of interest without myu restrictions of a disesrtation course with a specific content.

The student, in consultation with his or her advisor, will decide when the dissertation is ready for defense. Your advisor, and ideally your core committee members, should be seeing your work regularly leading up to the semester in which you defend and the date of the defense.


This is of fundamental importance dssertation it will ensure that your thesis has a clear focus. The Dissertation Collection is intended to promote access to and scholarly reuse of NYU dissertations, benefitting dissertation authors, NYU Libraries, and the greater scholarly community. Can I place an embargo on access bsas my dissertation? At this time, the department strongly encourages that there be no more than 2 committee members Skyping in, so please consider this when selecting your 4th and 5th readers.

The student must also make one complete copy of the dissertation available electronic or hard copy to all five committee members no later than one month prior to the defense. The department will, however, send reminders about department dissertatjon, guidelines, and due dates. The thesis only require a fit with the general themes and concerns of the MA.

Submitting Your Dissertation

What does it mean to distribute my dissertation under a Creative Commons license? Diplomas will be mailed to this address.

If the thesis does not pass, the student may revise and resubmit the thesis the following semester student must enroll in maintaining matriculation. However, authors can choose to submit at any point following the completion of their dissertation. The Preliminary Submission Paperwork consists of the following: Defending Your Dissertation Three core readers and two signatories must approve the defense of the dissertation.

Where there are differences, discuss possible reasons.