The Dean may accept the report without modification, accept the report but change the sanction imposed, dismiss one or more of the charges entirely, or remand the case for further proceedings. Only final grades can be appealed. The Respondent, Complainant, or Witnesses are not permitted to communicate directly during the hearing. The Committee has jurisdiction over academic disciplinary matters involving all students—whether visiting, matriculated, or noncredit—taking classes at NYUSPS in graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education academic programs. A student will not receive a grade for any course in which the student is not officially registered. Alternatively, you can submit a transcript of your master’s or doctoral degree. See “maintenance of matriculation” and “time limit of program.

If you would like additional information about our programs, call us at or email us at sps. When a student maintains matriculation and does not meet the criteria for a full-time or half-time equivalency, student loans immediately begin counting toward the grace period before loans become due, even if the student has not finished the degree. If a student elects to register in an NYU School of Professional Studies course equivalent to one for which the student received transfer credit, the student will lose the benefit of the transfer credit which will not count toward the NYU School of Professional Studies residency requirement. An explanation of biases positive or negative should be included in the email statement. If the student is found responsible for violating academic integrity or the student conduct code, the student may not change to a withdrawal. The student and faculty sponsor must meet regularly to discuss the progress of the project.

Cases will be adjudicated by a panel, the “Panel” which will be appointed, on a case-by-case basis, by the Committee Chair and scsp Committee Designee, and will consist of the individuals named above.

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This report will be submitted to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and to the respondent within seven 7 working days of the last hearing session. The complainant must be present at the hearing. Religious Holidays and Attendance. Learn more at Bills, Payments, and Refunds. After the Departmental Designee has received the evidentiary report from the faculty member, the Departmental Designee will make a final determination as to whether or not a policy violation has occurred.


Suspension – Exclusion from classes and other privileges or extracurricular activities as set forth in the notice of suspension for a definite period of time. In order to graduate, all NYU School of Professional Studies graduate students need 1 a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.

New nyi structure guidelines are available here. Can I submit applications for multiple Diploma Programs? However, advisors can require that students produce longer theses if the research question or topic demands it. About professional conferences, networking events, and capstone or thesis projects that focus on broadening your understanding of your chosen field. Students may request to withdraw from any course for which they are registered and automatically receive a “W” by using the class withdrawal process in Albert.

Students are required to complete their selected Diploma Program within one thesiss with the exception of the Diploma in Medical Coding and the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. How do I read my schedule? If a student elects to register in an NYU School of Professional Studies course equivalent to one nyj which the student received transfer credit, the student will lose the benefit of the transfer credit which will not count toward the NYU School of Professional Studies residency requirement.

The Respondent and the Complainant have the right to be present during any testimony. Rights and Obligations of Respondents and Complainants i.

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The initial grade, however, remains on the transcript with parenthesis notating that it is no longer calculated in the GPA.

For a course to be considered for transfer credit, students must provide the department with the following information in writing:. Students may not retake a course for credit in which an “R” is granted.

The Respondent has the right to be informed of allegations. The student must request an appeal to the Dean of the School within fifteen 15 days from the date of the appeal decision made by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures

Students in good academic standing or who need the additional credits to be eligible for graduation in a particular semester may be granted additional credits.


Generally, you will receive email notification within five business days of your application submission.

Overview The writing of a thesis represents the most significant challenge that you will have faced so far in your academic career. The role of the advisor is to assist the student ecps understanding the judicial process, preparing their response and witnesses, and supporting the student. Proposed sanctions are submitted by the Panel to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs who makes the final determination.

Whenever a student discipline case has not been satisfactorily resolved, the Office of Student Affairs shall then convene a Disciplinary Panel, not to include the person who conducted the preliminary investigation, to conduct a disciplinary hearing.

The hearing deliberations proceed immediately after the hearing concludes. The Panel makes every effort to render a decision within three business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is their job to require ID’s for all students, faculty, and staff at all times —and each of us should anticipate that request, take no offense, and csps courteously. Students who are ill or have a serious personal problem should see, call, or write to their program advising staff immediately to determine the appropriate course of action.

Curriculum from among 12 courses offered; and either thesiz graduate thesiscapstone project, or virtual cybersecurity internship.

nyu scps thesis

For our safety, and to ensure that University facilities and resources are available only to those authorized to use them, the PSO’s and guards must be vigilant throughout the year. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Policy All students are expected to be honest and ethical in all academic work. The thesis provides an opportunity to make a unique contribution to the body of knowledge in a subject area studied in the M.