For these reasons, the fuel reaction rate can be expressed as: The next step is the simulation of the gas exchange phase. A minimum of five different regions can be identified in this case: In Figure 8 the simulated geometry is shown: The fuel is injected by a common-rail injector mounted on one side of the chamber with a Mexican-hat injection profile. The simulation of 5 thermodynamic cycles, needed by the method to converge to a solution, involved an average time of 20 hours on a single proces- sor 2GHz PC. The ignition delay is computed by a linear interpolation in a tabulated database whose values are the result of complex chemistry calculations, performed by the authors, with an extensively validated detailed kinetic scheme for n-heptane [34].

Simulations were also carried out with a fully 1D approach and the results included in the plots. Oil and Gas Science and Technology, 54 no. Engine geometry and experimen- Table 2: Transmission loss TL of muffler Figure 7: A skele- tal mechanism with 32 species and 70 reactions was used to simulate the n-heptane chemistry [41].

In this procedure the two codes are passing forth and back information at each time step in such a way that one domain is affected by what happens in the other one.

To remain within the validity range of linear codes, the white noise perturbation was imposed with an oscillation amplitude of 50 Pa. A Detailed Scavenging Model Validation. After opnefoam, combustion is generally mixing-controlled [32].

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Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, It is an optically accessible, cubical vessel where spray-combustion experiments are performed under ambient combbustion conditions to those occurring in a diesel engine at the time of injection.


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Piston and valve motion is handled by dynamic layering or deformation. Solving for motion velocity is preferred over solving for point position: Measured data of vessel pressure and its rise versus time will be used to evaluate the proposed approaches for the Cases Early in the scavenging process, the fresh air jet penetrates into the burned gas and moves firstly toward the cylinder head and then toward the exhaust port [24].

Residual gas distribution during the scavenging process. Search for dissertations about: The contribution of Daniele Ettorre to the Diesel combustion modeling section is thesiis fully thesia. Help Center Find new research papers in: The 3D mesh of the junction is composed by up to computational cells whose average spacing is half centimeter.

Ehsan Yasari ; [] Keywords: This approach involves the solution of the Riemann problem for every cell which owns the face con- stituting the boundary surface.

The experimental apparatus is accurately described in [44, 45]. Computed temperature field during the intake stroke for the Mitsubishi GDI engine. After a mesh size investigation [41], a cell size of 1 mm close to the spray axis was chosen: In this way the time needed for grid generation is drastically reduced, furthermore the grid quality is rather high for most of the computational cells. When the flow comes out of the ports, it seem to be too attached to the cylinder head as displayed in Figures 10 c – d: Boxiong Chen ; [] Keywords: Unsteady multi-dimensional numerical simulation of turbulent flames is a widely recognized tool for research and development of future internal combustion engines capable of satisfying stringent requirements for ultra-low emission and highly efficient energy conversion.



Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals. The ports geometry has been established according to [24]. Introduction to Numerical Analysis. The simulation of 5 thermodynamic cycles, needed by the method to converge to a solution, involved an average time of 20 hours on a single proces- sor 2GHz PC.

openfoam thesis combustion

Combustion Theory and Modelling, 1: In Figure 21 bthe ignition delay time is correctly estimated by both models. The Ranz-Marshall correlation [47] is used to model the droplet evaporation. The grid is refined close to the port and valve walls to a size about 1 mm. Emissions from Two-Stroke Engines.

openfoam thesis combustion

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