Student writings include reports, proposals, memos, outlines, and abstracts. This course is an analytical and writing intensive approach to the development of college-level writing in the sciences. Students read and analyze the impact of psychoanalytical theory on works of literature, focusing on issues such as human consciousness and behavior. We have all read and interpreted literature before. Logistics and Transportation Management.

This course surveys English, American, and Anglophone drama from the Middle Ages to the present, along with some plays and drama theory from beyond the Anglophone world that influenced writers in English. We will read a variety of 20 th and 21 st -century fiction, drama, and poetry that deals specifically with issues related to diversity in the U. This course fulfills the multicultural requirement. I present historical difference as an intellectual challenge and ultimately as an opportunity to reimagine the norms of current culture that can otherwise appear natural or inevitable. Requirements will include informal critical commentaries, two short critical essays, an in-class presentation, and a longer seminar paper. A and doctoral examinations and the dissertation for those of you in the PhD program. Our readings will include poetry, fiction, essays, and speeches composed between the medieval through contemporary eras.

Social class is a timeless feature of human societies; it has often changed forms, but has remained a vital if sometimes under-recognized part of both individual identity and political and economic structures. With readings ranging from revolutionary-era newspaper articles, legal documents, and declassified files to poetry, fiction, and journalism, this course will assess the prospects of our republic in a world of conspiratorial thinking.

Student writers will utilize traditional literary techniques, such as point of view, dialogue, characterization, scene construction, and aesthetics to translate life experiences into compelling pieces of literature. This course, conducted as a workshop, is for students interested in exploring the craft or poetry. How can it engage the audience in the interests pedsonal economic and social justice?

It includes works that focus on conservation and ecology.

Dual listed with AFR This course covers development of African American literature from early slave narratives and folklore following the advent of the trans-Atlantic slave trade through the Revolutionary, pre- and post-Civil War periods, to the major literary flowering of the s Harlem Renaissance.


Advanced language skills and flexibility wssay advanced sentence structures, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions are stressed so that students develop correct, clear, and coherent self-expression.

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Particular attention will be paid to the challenge of writing successful seminar and conference papers. Who is in, who is out, and why? Loyola Avenue, 2 nd floor conference room, across the street from Mertz. Students are introduced to major British writers from the late 18th century to the mid Twentieth century, roughly We will explore the theory and practice of peer tutoring through reading and discussion of research as well as through practical experience.

The correlation between these ideas will be looked at in this class. We will explore relevant readings from composition theory and pedagogy to inform our writing projects, as well as how we conceive of the writing process.

A primary goal for students is to produce clear, well-developed, well-organized, grammatical writing. Analysis of the texts with reference to historical, cultural, artistic and contemporary trends and ideas is emphasized.

Students tutor adult learners, some of whom are native English speakers preparing for the GED or improving their literacy skills. Students read and analyze the impact of psychoanalytical theory on works of literature, focusing on issues such as human consciousness and behavior.

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Finally, the course addresses the disciplinary and pedagogical practices underwriting the study of South Asian literatures in English in the western academy. The emphasis is on analyzing literature as a way of developing personal style. pereonal

personal essay prewriting eng/220

Persoonal will likely include a broad sampling of poets and poetry, an ancient Greek drama or two, a modern drama, short stories that are both realistic and experimental in form, and one short novel. The personwl grade will be based on class participation, a translation and critical commentary, two essays, and mid-term and final exams. The Victorian period in particular saw a sudden outpouring of paper and of paper litteras innovations in paper production coincided with the expansion of print media, advertising, and a nationalized postal service.


Myths and symbols are traced from their early sources through the 21st century. A variety of prose and poetic genres are examined, including fables, fairy tales, fantasy, and others. The course is designed to give eng/220 a critical awareness of language and to teach language techniques through extensive readings.

Students read selected masterpieces of world literature before C. And how pesronal dramatists represented time?

In addition, we will review practical advice about choosing your course of study, conducting research, participating actively in class discussion, and thinking ahead to preparing for your M.

While literature from different time periods and cultures is analyzed and studied comparatively, emphasis is given to feminist expressions in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

personal essay prewriting eng/220

This course is a study of basic aspects of language e. This course will also explore important conceptual questions about literature and its study in order to help students develop the skills of analysis and interpretation needed to approach env/220 in a sophisticated manner.

Assignments consist of in-class reflection papers some to be written in class and others at homea term paper, mid-term and final examination. It explores the historical, social and cultural contexts of the literary works.

Writing is an integral component of the course. Dual listed with THR This interdisciplinary course, team-taught by members of the English and Theatre Departments, offers a performance-oriented view of Shakespeare’s plays.

personal essay prewriting eng/220