If not listed in either directory, arrange for the registrar to mail an official paper transcript directly to PharmCAS. Applicants who do not complete the Fall Academic Update in a timely manner may jeapardize their admission status. This ICAP package will include an evaluation and verification of your international transcript s. Enter the course code. List these credits under your first term at the school that awarded you the credit and enter “CR” as the grade.

See the Course Credits section below for more details. You must send an official copy of the ACE transcript and DD form directly to Pacific if you completed coursework in the military. Decisions as to final admission into the program and possible assignment to clinical placements may be based upon the information thereby obtained. International Students You must provide the following documents. Note that earning Latin honors upon graduation does not mean your courses are retroactively considered “Honors. We only require test scores if you use the exam to fulfill a pre-requisite. Registrars must send official transcripts directly to PharmCAS by the application deadline set by your selected pharmacy programs.

PharmCAS Transcript Entry – Liaison

Your next step is to designate specific courses as phaemcas abroad, Advanced Placement, repeated, etc. Application Deadline for Fall Official transcripts mailed without the form enclosed may take longer to process. The Academic Update closes. If your institution uses a narrative transcript, enter your coursework as described above. This alerts the system that you aren’t required to enter a grade for this course.


Action Join Pacific Admission on: The success of the Honor Code is made possible only with the acceptance and cooperation of every student. Identify your primary undergraduate institution. Digital Signature is required. Established inthe Honor code is intended to maintain and preserve the high standards of personal character and ethical behavior vital in academic pursuits. Transcript Requirements for both U.


Updating Courses

Record full credit values and grades for all repeated courses. All applicants to the pharmacy school are informed that in order to qualify for consideration for clinical placements, he or lharmcas may be required to authorize the completion of a lawful criminal background check by signing authorization within ten days of an offer of admission.

Requirements Reporting coursework accurately is your responsibility. PharmCAS will not update your coursework for you.

pharmcas coursework instructions

Continue adding terms, as needed. PharmCAS will not hold an application for this documentation, if it is missing. You may also include an explanation of any extenuating circumstances if any you would like us to take into consideration.

Transcripts – PharmCAS

If you’re unsure, make your best guess. Be sure to only select courses that are clearly identified as honors on your transcript. Some schools may not send your transcript until the semester is over.

pharmcas coursework instructions

You should enter any courses that you are currently taking or plan to take in the near future. University of the Pacific has designated the Director of Human Resources to coordinate the University’s effort to comply with laws, orders, and courseworl, governing discrimination. Academic Status Definitions Freshman-Senior: Registrars must send official transcripts directly to PharmCAS by the application deadline set by your selected pharmacy programs.


Enter courses under the institution where you originally took the course, exactly as they appear on the original school’s transcript. Department prefixes inshructions course numbers must exactly match what appears on your official transcript. The institution must be entered in the Colleges Attended section before the transcript can be matched to your application.

Non-Discrimination University of the Pacific does not discriminate in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions, scholarships, loans, athletics or other University activities or programs on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, handicap, sexual orientation or preference, sex or age.

By electronically submitting your supplemental application, you have digitally acknowledged that the information you have provided xoursework accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge and you have attended no institutions other than those listed in the application.

Electronic transcripts will not expedite the processing of your file at PharmCAS. If any misrepresentation in data is suspected by or reported to PharmCAS, the applicant will be notified, and relevant information will be couesework.

Study Abroad Courses If you studied abroad, indicate the courses you took as part of your institution’s study abroad program. If you need to have one sent directly to Pacific, please contact Veronica Semler: