It’s a great tool to help your student keep track of assignments. In addition, there are numerous volunteer opportunities in which we welcome you to become involved at Central Elementary. Bengali Janani Full Movie Hd p. In order to have collaborative work time during working hours, alternative and creative solutions were explored. In order to keep these standards in front of students at all times, each teacher does warm-up problems connected to these daily. We continue to staff the building with a full-time Coordinator as well as a one hour release for a Reading Coordinator and Math Coordinator to do weekly checks on student progress and to work with small groups or individual students struggling in these areas. The two teachers will agree on an alternate instructional strategy to re-teach the concept…and which of the two may best deliver the instruction.

During this period we began to look critically at our practices and began to develop essential standards for each course and look at creating a systematic response to students that were struggling. Students are identified for in-class math support based on formative and summative assessment scores, universal screening data, standardized testing results, as well as teacher input. We will continue this through the school year and assess the effectiveness off this scheduling idea after the 3rd quarter of the year. Our School Data Profile is attached in the resources section. This class will provide the student with a foundation necessary to take higher-level mathematics and. A multitude of programs are in place to support the transitions from middle school to high school.

We are continuing that trend in by having new staff attend workshops or do book studies.

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In the fall ofa steering committee comprised of teachers representing each grade level and subject area, building administrators, school counselor, and school psychologist was developed to analyze the feasibility of implementing homewor, pyramid response to intervention. Create your website today. Pyramid Response to Interventions steering committee: The purpose of this site visit was to provide our staff with feedback on our progress toward building a professional learning community and to receive recommendations for next steps.


We do not wait to implement new ideas; rather we have an action research mentality. Fax Bullying Hotline All math teachers will still have the ability to use the XTS period to give additional time and support to students; but given our math scores we thought we needed this additional idea built into the daily schedule.

Central Elementary School

As you can see, there as has been a drastic improvement. Hope Institute conferences, Solution Tree summits and institutes, school site visits, county-wide professional development programs, book studies, and extensive building- and district-level dialogue.

portage public schools homework hotline

Each child has an individualized plan based on their specific needs. Student 8 – in class math support, assigned to intensive portahe support class, also given Special Education support, PAR 4 reading support.

Historically, Portage West Middle School has been a high performing school in a high performing school district.

A hands-on opportunity for students to meet their teachers, get their lockers, and become familiar with our building before school begins in the fall 6th Grade Party: In order to have collaborative work time during working hours, alternative and creative solutions were explored. Our Homework Hotline is designed to help students in case they are absent or they forgot to. Currently in the “honors” math section. Finally when looking at our sub-group data, of the 19 African American students not proficient in mathematics here are the supports for each please note that these are above and beyond supports from the math teacher: Air and online homework help fromteachers Homework hotline number las vegas.

Service at West Middle School for the school year will be the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Second, we have changed the set up with our Intensive Math support class by making the support more individualized for each student. Such activities have included becoming a tutor to help other students, open basketball in the gym, various other physical activities, jazz band practice, additional time in woodworking and art, or to be engaged in student government and community service opportunities knitting winter hats for needy.


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Students are identified for in-class math support based on formative and summative assessment scores, universal screening data, standardized testing results, as well as teacher input. In addition to the common assessments that have been developed in our building, the District has developed quarterly summative assessments which are administered in core academic areas. Each of these standards at the 3 grade levels is assessed 6 times a year and broken down by student by benchmark.

West Middle School is located in Portage.

Building teacher capacity to work as members of high performing collaborative teams that focus efforts on improved learning for all students. Students who do not need intervention on any given day use the time to work on homework or. We are committed to providing every child with a quality 21st century education. Student 6 – in class math support, assigned to intensive math support class, also gets special hotine supports as she is visually impaired West Middle is the Kalamazoo Country middle school for students with significant Visual or Hearing Impairments.

West Middle School

Last and certainly not least, the school has re-shuffled its staffing in order to create a Student Academic Assistance Coordinator who monitors our entire PRTI process…from the system used to direct students where to go on a daily basis, to the specific interventions designed for our students with the greatest need…and everything in between.

Instruction is based on the Indiana Academic Standards.

portage public schools homework hotline

We have noticed this data and are taking steps to ensure all students are learning at high levels. This time is used for establishing SMART goals, monitoring goal attainment, as well as for analyzing results from common assessments.

Recognition of student progress: Grade 4 Power Indicators.