For each cycle of questioning, the contestants must line up behind one of the four choices to answer the question. Dabarkads Joey de Leon, Janno Gibbs, and Anjo Yllana as judges, who assume the roles of Doughnut , Lollipop , and Popsicle respectively, from the Balakubak portion of the said comedy show. In the game, the picturist obtains their phrase by first popping any of the balloons on the floor. The guesser must guess each word based on the verbal cues that the clue-giver provides. The name of the segment is a word play on the acronym of the Metro Rail Transit System , the train system which the setting of the game is based on.

It revolves around the love story of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza as the fictional couple known as AlDub , accompanied by the comic triumvirate of Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, and Paolo Ballesteros as the three grandmothers. It is a Facebook promo where the contestants must send their photos showing them watching Eat Bulaga! The only difference between ACTually and I Object is the theme and the setting, and that both teams must now require to mention the use and function of the object. The barangay hosts also attempt to answer questions that netizens ask through the show’s Twitter or Facebook page. In case of a tie, the lowest number of cones hit in the game will determine the winner. The segment serves as a late tribute to the ” King of Rock and Roll.

The winner of the game then moves on to the final round. The segment is fully scripted and the outcome of the competition is decided by using a spinner.

It is directed by Mark A. A subsegment of Kontrapelo: The objective is to climb up the pyramid to the jackpot prize by answering questions contained inside the smaller squares.

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Less than a month after the grand finals of the original edition, the contest was brought back with the new title Lola’s Playlist: The segment is sponsored by the local telecommunications company Globe Telecom. The contestant with the most number of Facebook reactions will be the winner.


problem solving eat bulaga april 20 2015

The two players with the most points advance to the next round. The segment is in a classroom setting, with the hosts divided into groups or pairs and usually dressed in school uniforms.

Each day, two female contestants must act a scene from the film with a few Eat Bulaga! The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song ” Physical ” by Olivia Newton-John after its release in Bopol reduces the contestant’s winning to nothing, Dobol doubles the base cash prize, while Tripol triples the base prize. Otherwise, just one violation of the said requirements means the bklaga of that barangay.

The fastest candidate to reach the fifth stage will advance to the next round; however, if 2 or 3 or 4 candidates managed to advance to the fifth stage at the same time, there will be a tiebreaker challenge, which is the searcher will choose a random mobile number from the 4 candidate’s mobile numbers on which the searcher is unfamiliar of, to make a phone call.

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problem solving eat bulaga april 20 2015

The group with the lowest score will be punished at the end of the segment. Failure to respond within five seconds or to provide an incorrect answer gives the other player an opportunity to respond within three seconds. Contestants will perform their talents under a second time limit; after the talent portion, the judges will ask them questions, in a similar format to the Balakubak portion of Nuts Entertainment.

In the jackpot round, the winning pair will play again following the same concepts. He’s So Kaka is a beauty contest for men who are handsome and talented.


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It is a special Saturday segment which references the Balakubak: It is sponsored by the local company Goldilocks Bakeshop. In unison, the models bang their hands twice with their fists and once with their hands lying flat on the table for the contestant to hear.

A special Dabarkads edition was held to commemorate the program’s 36th anniversary, showcasing the competing hosts’ production numbers with the theme of signature Eat Bulaga!

It is a special segment for the love season in which prob,em residents share their love stories lroblem on television. The hosts of the show are divided into two teams. The prizes for the winners are 2 Eat Bulaga! For the first round, there will be 5 stages in the bulagx of a heart that the candidates must step, the goal is for a candidate to reach the fifth stage to advance to the next round.

Among the finalists, the photo with the most likes on the EB Facebook page will win the grand prize. It features the love stories of several Eat Bulaga! It is the counterpart of the Barangay Singer Citizens segment.

It serves as a promotional segment for the romantic film Moments of Lovewhich stars Dingdong DantesIza Calzadoand Karylle. The seven winners must each bring plastic bottles and their registration forms to receive a cash prize. It is a subsegment of Zoombarangay: They are judged by how well they time their dance to the patterns presented to them.