Nidora then informs Yaya that, after his mall tour in Zamboanga , Alden will fly to Japan the following day. Twenty Four Hours and Counting – Facebook”. Meanwhile, Alden sends a letter and bouquet of flowers to Yaya. Tidora and Tinidora keep teasing the couple and make Alden and Yaya sit on the same sofa, where at one point Tinidora pushes Alden towards Yaya. Also Dodong shows the picture of him and his second wife to his daughter, much to her dismay. While Alden rummages through the flower pots, Nidora reads from the diary about the house.

Shortly thereafter, Nidora reveals that Isadora left Yaya Dub in the care of Nidora after finding out that Isadora herself is not part of the Zobeyala family. In the box is also a letter, which reads:. Retrieved 7 July Retrieved 31 October Lola Nidora remains worried because of the increased ransom and tells Yaya Dub not to listen to anyone else but only to her.

Yaya Dub is not in a good mood after all of her social media accounts have been hacked.

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Nidora reminds the couple that patience is a virtue. Retrieved 20 August Tiya Bebeng and the Pabebes – Facebook”. Suddenly, Isadora calls Nidora and tells her that she is coming. Additionally, Nidora asks the couple forgiveness on behalf of her granddaughter. Alden’s delivery of isaw for Yaya Dub arrive via riding-in-tandem.


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Secret Admirer – Facebook”. Hashtags were introduced shortly after Day 1, however, multiple tags were posted regarding episodes. Suddenly, Anselmo finally arrives at the Broadway to finally reunite with Nidora. Isadora also asks Alden to take care of Divina. Lola Nidora wishes that before she dies, the YaKie wedding would push through; Yaya Dub has no choice but to accept Lola Nidora’s request.

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Yaya then calls Nidora telling her bjlaga she is with Tita Bebeng at the market and is busy. Lola then asks Yaya to open and read her emails.

Retrieved 7 July Alamat ng Split Screen – Facebook”. The couple gets most of the answers to match. Later, the riding-in-tandem arrives and delivers a letter to Lola Nidora, who cries upon reading it. Retrieved 27 October Lola Nidora, on the other hand, is not amused.

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Nidora praises Alden and Yaya for enduring the many difficulties that they have encountered. Nidora then promises Yaya that she will give something to her on Monday. Yaya Dub is still upset because Alden hasn’t brought her fresh lumpia. AlDub Day 45 – Facebook”.


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The riding-in-tandem mistakenly delivers a flower arrangement suitable for funerals to Lola Nidora. Alden appears and exchanges pinky swears and kisses with Yaya Dub before Lola Nidora fends him off. Yaya Dub is escorted to the wedding venue where Frankie is waiting for her. Retrieved 11 July 20115 It is revealed that there is a key to this particular house hidden inside the mansion where they are currently living.

Retrieved 6 December Yaya Luvs and the Lolas try their best to make Yaya smile to no avail but she lightens up when Bae-by Baste serenades her. Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 13 August Retrieved 8 March The battered Rogelios explain to Nidora that they were swarmed after prblem to protect a sovling from being harassed. As the story unfolds, characters from Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub’s past are revealed as a part of their backstory.