However, Alden who is shown with his hands tied manages to sing out for Yaya Dub, who cries her heart out in the mansion while being guarded by the Rogelios. Retrieved 22 August Ligaya 17th Weeksary – Facebook”. Both Alden and Yaya Dub reminisce the moment they saw each other, though fleeting, and they compliment each other on how they look in person. Retrieved 13 December Phone Call – Facebook”.

Alden runs from Broadway and arrives at the intersection in 17 minutes, and Lola Nidora makes a mark at the scoreboard. Retrieved 28 March Retrieved 16 April Views Read Edit View history. Alden Richards Maine Mendoza. Tinidora is very happy that they can finally ditch their disguises after Yaya left for the province. She rethinks her decision but when she sees the couple being happy and excited, she relents.

Two men arrive bearing baskets of pili nuts from Alden for Lola Nidora, and she becomes happy.

problem solving eat bulaga may 26 2015

This five-part special took a trip back to the memorable episodes of the series with Manalo, Bayola and Ballesteros as the three Lolas albeit in a capacity as interviewers to common people and not in the continuity of the series’ storyline. Nidora arrives and informs her sisters that nothing bad had happened at the Mansion and Rihanna just exaggerated on trivial things.

And what are we changing to? Frankie apologizes to Yaya Dub for the trouble he had caused her and Alden. Another riding-in-tandem arrives with a gift of candies from Alden, this time for Lola Nidora, which she does pproblem accept.

Eat Bulaga May 26 2016 KalyeSerye #ALDUB45thWeeksary [2/2]

Alden is thrilled to see Yaya Dub sitting at the same spot in the studio where he saw her for the first time. Lola Nidora screams Yaya Dub’s name in frustration. Real Estate Trading – sell them for a profit. It served as a pre-programming for Eat Bulaga!


Wat sa puso mo, On the other hand, Alden is being oppressed by his kidnappers. Her character was portrayed as a very serious and snobbish nanny who does not even smile or laugh. In that house is a jewellery box situated in front of a large mirror. TVJ agrees to the idea, when Rihanna calls and tells Nidora that there is an emergency at the Mansion.

Fake Isadora is played by Maine Mendoza. However, Lola Nidora panics and attempts bulagga blend in with the surroundings whenever police sirens ring out.

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Later, Yaya Dub is able to escape from her captors but does not know where to go and this makes Lola Nidora more anxious. With Alden’s absence, Yaya can then focus on her performance. While everyone else is busy tidying up at the mansion, Tinidora discloses that the call she received yesterday was from her ex Bill, who wants to reconcile with Tinidora. Nidora threatens to leave but TVJ distracts her by granting her previous request and serenades Nidora and her sisters. Lola Nidora’s bodyguards, the Rogeliosescort Yaya Dub back to their van and instructs them to keep an eye on Yaya in case she escapes.

KalyeSerye Day – Knock! Suddenly, Lola Tinidora emerges and reveals herself to her sisters as she introduces her bodyguards, the Quandos.


problem solving eat bulaga may 26 2015

The Mysterious lady appears and takes photos of them. Television soap opera parodies. While Alden and Yaya are seated, Tinidora and the Dabarkads find ways to push the couple closer to each other when Nidora is not looking.

Retrieved 3 June Retrieved 21 October Frankie claims that he has more than enough money that he can give to Lola Nidora in order to pay the ransom.

Having heard about the accident, Alden asks Yaya how she is, and she responds that she is fine as long as he is there. Alden Found The Missing Ring! Alden is shown to be recuperating in the hospital. Alden attempts to catch up with Yaya Problm but she hitchhikes on a jeepneyleaving only one of her glass slippers for Alden to possess.

Retrieved 3 September Nidora tells the driver to take Yaya back to the mansion, then confronts Alden again and tells him that he will never see Yaya Dub anymore. Nidora relates her past relationships with other men, and in particular, Anselmo, whom she had dearly loved but her mother did not approve.