Some people say that cheating, professionalism, and nationalism in the modern games are a disgrace to the Olympic tradition. This is an alphabetical listing of activities that I have created at Quia. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing Skip to Main Content. Drag and Drop Math http: You better know how to add your money! Classifying and Categorizing Words.

Or seventy – thousand ths. Questions or Comments to Diana Dell, Ed. Drag and Drop Math http: Vocabulary Games for “Liftoff! Energy Sources and Their Effects on the Environment. Using the calculator, decide the average or mean. Let’s go shopping and see.

Stock the Shelves Game http: Of course, the ancient and modern Olympics are also like in many ways. Create equivalent ratios – Dirt Bike Proportions.

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Flip the card, type the difference, then Pull the Rope! He remembered putting the book in his backpack that morning.

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This is not a math test. Which is more reasonable?

quia problem solving jeopardy

These games practice identifying ordered pairs in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane: Who Wants to be an Animal Classification Millionaire? Almost male athletes competed in the first modern Olympics.


Catch the Fly http: Identify the place value of a digit from tenths to ten-thousandths.

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Eat or Be Eaten! Site Map Back to Top. Order of Operations – Click the Correct Operation http: The most important festival was held in the valley of Olympia to honor Zeus, the king of the gods.

Prime or Composite Online Quiz http: Don’t let prooblem else add it for you. Then the modern Olympics began is Looking for one of my interactive learning activities?

Interactive s Chart – http: However, it makes the solbing tulip blooms grow back even bigger and stronger later that spring.

Log in, and select a math clip. Factors, Multiples, Prime Factorizations Jeopardy http: The name Olympics and the torch and flame remind people of the ancient games.

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All around him, the crowd was singing and dancing wildly. The Transfer of Heat Energy. Don’t forget to do the review quiz!


He had taken it out at school when his friend Kim asked to look something up. Who Wants to be a Weather Millionaire? Writing Algebraic Expressions Millionaire Game http: Multiple Meaning Words Jeopardy. Frisby Vocabulary in Context. These games practice identifying ordered pairs in the first quadrant only: The rings represent the five continents- Africa, Asia, North America, Europe, and South America- from which athletes come to compete in the games.

You choose the math cards you want to practice. Identify the place value of a digit from ones to hundred-thousands.