After the initial investigation, the local social worker conducting the same may do either of the following: As the time of their sentence progresses, they will have only a vague recollection of the crime. Explaining to the child in proper reformatory for juvenile delinquents. This study might also promote awareness and augment information on the advantages and the disadvantages of the Juvenile Justice Law and its impact to help the youth of country do away from being delinquent and from saving them from the effects of delinquency. The study found a significant relationship between the status of implementation of RA and the problems encountered.

The three groups of respondents differ the end view of reintegrating them in their families with respect to problems encountered and impact of and communities as socially functioning exemption of youthful offender in criminal individuals. RA leads to the conclusion that it is considerable compliant with the CRC if implemented correctly. Exemption of youth offenders in criminal responsibility has an impact on the community since the youth may repeat the crime or they could commit crime that is more severe than the previous crime committed. The police the age of the minor offender may also be recommend. The DSWD shall establish youth rehabilitation centers in each region of the country. What are the steps being taken by the Philippine Government in preventing this kind of social problem? They shall be handled by female doctors, correction officers and social workers, and shall be accommodated separately from male children in conflict with the law.

However the international treaties, for which the Philippines was a signatory, put emphasis on the fact that children should not be detained in jails and in exceptional cases, if they are detained, then only for a very short time. For the most part, much of the evidence or arguments essat the law have been anecdotal, citing break-ins where the participation of a child is betrayed by a small footprint or handprint.

It also enhances public safety by activating the victim and the community in prevention strategies. What is the Juvenile Justice Law of the Philippines? At the ages 12 and 13 there is little difference in boys and girls in offending including drug use and drinking. This code mentions in Chapter 3, articlesthe care and treatment of youthful offenders from the time of apprehension up to the termination of the case.


What are the pros and cons of this law? The period of prescription of the offense shall be suspended during the effectivity of the diversion program, but not exceeding a period of two 2 years. Based on the study, the researcher found out that the first persons who are in contact with the children in conflict with the law should be 934 to guide them in their daily lives.

Skip to main content. We would like to emphasize: Deprivation of Liberty” refers to any form of detention or imprisonment, or to the placement of a child in conflict with the law private custodial setting, from which the child in esaay with the law is not permitted to leave at will by order of any 934 administrative authority.

In the final years of the Marcos era, crime became hardened in the street. The great majority of them were in jail for minor crimes, most notably theft or burglary. Discharge of the Child in Conflict with the Law. Egeland and Farber Addition to this, compliance, successful implementation and effective system of evaluation and monitoring are significantly related to handling youth crimes especially for the City Social the impact of exemption of youth offenders in criminal Welfare Development because they are in charge of the responsibility.

It viewed 93444 minor as a victim not as an aggressor. But there are also advantages exsay being tried in adult criminal court. Briccio maybe under the supervision of DepEd and the wssay Boholst said fellow lawyers were not happy with youth offenders may have weekly, monthly, or annual the Law authored by Senator Francis Pangilinan, counselling. There are seven penitentiaries in the Philippines. The fact that juvenile crimes tend to take place in groups or gangs points to the significant role of peer influence and pressure.

What causes youth crime, Available at: According to the Juvenile Justice Law of the Philippines, a child fifteen 15 years of age or under at the time of the commission of the offense exempt from criminal liability.


RA 9344 only provides different process for child offenders

Child delinquents, compared with juveniles with a later onset of delinquency, are at greater risk of becoming serious, violent, and chronic offenders and have longer delinquency careers.

There is local evidence that children are often used and abused by adults to engage in criminal acts.

By Christine Anne Remitar. Membership in a delinquent rs, like membership in any other natural grouping, can be part of the process of becoming an adult.

Some wssay them as pointed out are troubled home life; poor attainment at school, truancy and school exclusion; drug or alcohol misuse and mental illness; deprivation such as poor housing and homelessness; peer group pressure Home Office.

Therefore, parents must give proper spiritual guidance to their children to prevent these kinds of personality defects in children who are in conflict with the law.

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The education program the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act. Click here to sign up. Cheryl Olson, ScD, et al.

ra 9344 essay

Statistically, as is true elsewhere, young people constitute the most criminally active segment of the population. The instrument was validated by the Chief of objectives on items as to eradicate easay number of Police of Batangas City, a Judge of Family Court, the youthful offenders detained at various detention cell Coordinator of City Social Welfare and Development WM 3.

Rules for the Eesay of Juvenile Justice; and Rehabilitation, reinforcement and proper teaching to UN Guidelines for the Prevention of Juvenile children is hard to implement since they grew in an Delinquency.

ra 9344 essay

However, these courts functioned also as courts of general jurisdiction which meant that separate proceedings for youthful offenders were not possible.