If possible, I would get that book and read up on the techniques before attending the courses. Solve Destructive Event problems using event to energy transform and energy accounting. Shainin’s development of the “Red X” concept originated from his association with Joseph Juran. Love those cars and with the 4 speed there is virtually nobody left in the US that could steal it because they have no idea how to drive it. The new manager said I should be working on scrap reductions. That is what happens when people stop thinking. Develop Feature and Property strategies.

The effect of the Red X is then magnified by the square-root-of-the-sum-of-the-squares law, thereby isolating the root cause. We absolutely have an agenda. Please Sign in Register. We have written a number of articles explaining the logic and discipline of Y to X thinking. Viewing 23 posts – 1 through 23 of 23 total. This page was last edited on 17 November , at We expect them to work for the interest of their new employer and only engage our services when it benefits their company.

Reliability engineeringAcceptance sampling. Getting It Right the First Time article. What is more the industry standard? I can also tell you that more than companies around the globe have engaged our services and believe the investment is worthwhile.

Shainin Red X–Is it Worth the Money? – iSixSigma

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When the command module became uninhabitable during the failed Apollo 13 mission, the Lunar Module became the lifeboat that brought the Apollo 13 astronauts to lunar orbit and back to Earth.


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Shainin Red X–Is it Worth the Money?

Shainin’s methods postpone this theoretical step, requiring first the diagnosis of causes via one or more of four clue generation techniques designed to determine, through the empirical testing of the actual parts in question, the root cause, or “Red X”. Confirm the Red X with a statistical confirmation test and demonstrated system improvement. To be honest, I never heard of Shainin or Red X, before this manager showed up. I like some of the Shannin stuff in particular Component Search.

As of sahinin posting, there are certified Red X Journeymen. Understand when to use full factorial experiments. Here is the issue I would have with your new manager. We have written a number of articles explaining the logic and discipline of Y to X thinking.

shainin problem solving red x

Having all your processes VSMs would be helpful too. It picks up where the Product Performance Class left off and starts with an understanding of the different patterns of failure described in the bathtub curve.

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Master candidates have led three challenging projects beyond their journeyman certification; attended a class that focuses on coaching skills; and then developed two Red X Apprentices and two Journeymen. My company has issues on many lines with fluctuation in the process… Machine Downtime, work balance of the line, small parts delivery issues… This is what I am currently working on to help improve output.

June 3, at 6: Within SS, there is recognition that there may be a second or third large cause, called the Pink XTM and Pale Pink XTM respectively 3that make a substantial contribution to the overall variation and must be dealt with in order to solve the problem.


Gryna, McGraw-Hill, section January 2, at 1: Note that if there is not a single dominant cause, reducing variation is much more difficult, since, in light of 1several large causes would have to be addressed to substantially reduce the overall output variation.

What is The Shainin™ System?

Mike, The 68rs is a Rally Sport Camaro with a Before long we were being trained to use their stuff, and more and more of their consultants showed up. This site uses cookies to help improve your online experience. solvinv

shainin problem solving red x

Our students learn to analyze the structure of complex systems products or processes and develop strategies to isolate the Red X. Our certification program helps our clients ;roblem self-sufficient so, as time goes by, they are less dependent on us. Love those cars and with the 4 speed there is virtually nobody left in the US that could steal zolving because they have no idea how to drive it. Track the development of innovative solutions with a Corrective Action Tree. Confidential problems can be openly discussed.