The Pre-feasibility study suggests an initial herd size of twelve 50 animals which is economical to justify the overhead cost. For complaints, use another form. Feed Feed Ration This is given fed with the fodder to increase animal productivity. Includes 5 months salary of Assistant Manager and 1 month salary of workers. The housing should have proper drainage system to keep hygiene at the farm. If we have our own land for harvesting the fodders.

About 1 kg of concentrate is required for the production of 3 liters of milk. For complaints, use another form. Its price varies from Rs per 40 kg, the lowest being during the wheat-threshing season in early May. This is a fact that the cows are high yielders as compare to buffaloes. According to estimates, buffalo consumes kg fodder daily while cow consumes about kg.

Skip to main content. As the capital cost will be budgeted for 4 years, therefore the initial infrastructure cost has been calculated on the basis of 4th year infrastructure requirement. The return of the land used for feeding animals is higher as compared to land used for traditional cropping. The price of animals is again dependent on buainess season.

Pre-Feasibility Study DAIRY FARM

Building Depreciation cost 3. Profit from the above feasibility is 1, annually.

smeda business plan for dairy farm

The project is expected to achieve revenue of Daiiry. The other part would be used for building a shed for the animals for protecting them from hostilities of the weather. The rest is used to meet the working capital requirement.


They can also be reared in separately for beef production. Milk prices are lower in winter and higher in summer.

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Fodder is cultivated on the land to feed the dairy animals.

The Farm Girl and the Milk. This can also be used for reducing calving intervals. Currently, the pure buffalo and cow milk is cairy at Rs 18 and Rs 15 per liter respectively in the Lahore milk market. According to the conservative estimates, the milk market is growing at a growth rate of 4. Income or Revenue Generation smrda. Generally the lactation days of cows are days and that of buffaloes is days.

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Equipment and machines maintenance cost 3. Upload document Create flashcards. Bull prices are in the range of Rs 8, You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Add to collection s Add smeeda saved.

The calving interval in a buffalo is about months, while cow has months. Three farm workers are recommended for handling twenty-five animals. There is no hard and fast rule for the designing of sheds for animals. Although, due care and diligence has been taken to compile this document, the contained information may vary due to any change in any of the concerned factors, and the actual results may differ substantially from the presented information. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.


smeda business plan for dairy farm

The morning and evening milk may be sold at the farm gate to the middleman or directly to the final consumer. Fodder corps of berseem, millet, and lucern are grown in winter season while maize and hybrid sorghum are sown in summer. French Ministers of Finance.

smeda business plan for dairy farm

Includes 5 months salary of Assistant Smsda and 1 month salary of workers. Milk will be primarily sold to bulk buyers at the rate of Rs.

Business Plan Dairy Farm The Dairy Smeda Business Plan Dairy Farming

Good agricultural land zmeda available with an annual rent of Rs 3, per acre. Most of these milk plants are closed due to lack of professional management, inadequate milk supply and poor marketing campaign of processed milk. There are 28 milk-processing plants in the country, which were installed in mid s to promote the usage of processed milk.