WAM of at least 75 and thesis mark of at least The research course is also available for Graduate Diploma level students, and is essential for these students who are intending to articulate to the Masters level. You can then proceed to register. Such format is encouraged to give students the ability to prepare a scientific manuscript that could be submitted to a journal upon successful completion of the research project. Even if the thesis is incomplete, it must be submitted.

The WAM calculation system has some basic rules: Is Electrical Engineering right for me? You can check your own weighted averages using the calculation forms provided on the web. Poster marking form for supervisor and assessor. Requests for special consideration should be submitted as for all other subjects through the Registrar. All information about PG Thesis is located in Moodle.

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We reserve the right to make corrections where appropriate. An extension of time may be granted after consideration of the thesis report and only under exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Industry support is essential for research projects that are to be extended for Masters programs that require MINE, and is highly recommended for Graduate Diploma programs.

You can then proceed to register. However, they must meet the requirements of advanced independent study.

UNSW Handbook Course – Thesis – Part B (Electrical Engineering) – ELEC

WAM of at least 65 and thesis mark of at least Late arrival of components due to a student’s mismanagement of ordering is not a valid reason for an extension of time thesia penalty. Students enrolled in the Master of Engineering Science program program codeMaster of Engineering [Mechanical Engineering] program program code and the Master of Engineering Science Extension program program code are required to complete a 12UOC research project.


When you have identified a topic of interest, contact the supervisor to discuss your ideas and see if they will be able to accept you as a research student. If you have any questions regarding your thesis, please make a post in the Moodle forum so that everyone can see the response from Tracie Barber. Combined degrees program – please use the above single degree template. Once a supervisor reaches their limit please look for someone else. Please see below a list of thesis topics advertised by academics for students commencing their thesis sessionsome of these topics were run last year so may not thedis available next year.

A student who is permitted to withdraw without failure from Thesis Part A should re-enrol in the following Session with a new topic approval form. There are two ways of undertaking thesis:. I am an employed engineer.

thesis b unsw eet

You are not guaranteed a project tbesis a supervisor unless you have a signed form. Students must follow reasonable directions of their supervisors and the Course Coordinator. You can check your own weighted averages using the calculation forms provided on the web. This project involves an independent investigation at an advanced level and may include research, design, feasibility or other analysis requiring integration of knowledge and evaluation across a range of topics in the area of specialisation.


This will include all relevant information that you need to apply for a Thesis. You must present yourselves to them and only if the academic sees there is genuine interest in their topics will they consider supervising you.

As part of the Master of Biomedical Engineering program completing a thesis project is optional. As part of the Masters of Engineering Science program there is a Thesis requirement that needs to be met before graduation.


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Find your supervisor name and click the unws box to become a member. Students intending to carry out practical work are required to prepare or otherwise obtain a Risk Assessment for approval by their supervisor and by the Space Manager in whose space the work is to be done.

Advice on using Set in oral presentations. Be aware that the number of candidate places available for some of these projects is quite limited. The School has a special Moodle for securing thesis topics, which you can self-enrol in at any time.

thesis b unsw eet

Extension of time beyond two sessions work will not cause forfeiture of eligibility for a graded pass if the reason is outside the student’s control. Course exemptions are not included in the calculations.

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Award of Class of Honours New honour policy for new programs commencing in For most students, this is the most significant single eet of work in their university career, and should be an intellectually engaging and an enjoyable experience. Industry agreement to publish results of the research is required, or an agreement to publish aggregated results that do not identify specific mine sites or confidential information. You have not applied for any exemptions at the time of application.

Masters Thesis Rhesis is only available to high achieving students with prior written School approval.