Ideals in Care for People with Learning Disabilities. Shaping the subject of incontinence. Log in to Personal Page Publication Selection tool to manage the visibility of your publications on this list. Making Big Words work. Family practice , 30 6 ,

International advisor Danish research project Welfare technologies in health care. Paricipatory patients Configuring the users of ICD prophylactic therapy and distant monitoring. Clinical Practice , 5 1 , Exploring the intimate relations between humans and technologies other. Making Big Words work. Three year prize from the Dutch Society for Bioethics for the best publication in medical ethics..

Caring for healthcare professionals: The politics of the aesthetic body: The interference of two modes of doing good in mental health care. Contact tussen mensen met een verstandelijke of psychiatrische achtergrond en buurtbewoners other. Empirische ethiek in de zorg.

Annelieke Driessen We are our body: They predict that older people will die while under the continuous surveillance of sensors and cameras, but remote from any real human contact. Health care technology in the home. Medische Antropologie22 1 Candidate; Adeline Hvidsten, PhD thesis: Leven met een chronische ziekte.


Telecare and technology studies; what technologies can and cannot do. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy21 1 PhD committee, Copenhagen Business school.

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AuthorKroon, H. Utrecht, Amsterdam medical Centre in cooperation with Lancaster University.

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Huisarts en Wetenschap48 10 Care from a distance. ICT as a solution for an aging society? Digital or Visual Products, Retrieved from https: Sociology of Health and Illness25 3 Medische Antropologiethesix 1. Empirical ethics and technologyLeyden academy for vitality and aging, Leiden.

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Een etnografisch onderzoek in twee psychiatrische ziekenhuizen. Kennis en Methode20 4 Understanding Palliative Cancer Chemotherapy: Deze laatste categorie betreffen de tracking cookies.

thesis bijzondere jeugdzorg

Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum. Care, ethics and telecareCare transformations — politics, ethics, practice, Faculty of nursing and the Ethics Insititute, Philosophical-Theological University of Vallendar.

thesis bijzondere jeugdzorg

Karel de Vos PhD thesis: Nevertheless, technology-pessimists assert that telecare will transform human care into a distant and cold affair. Mobile and welfare technology in homecare.


Technologie is nooit afRoestvrij Innoveren. Personal dignity in seriously ill patients other. Good relations with technology: Panel in kader van ontwikkeling van de langetermijnvisie van zorgverzekeraars: Comparative case studies of care at home for persons with dementia.