For example, the work of Eldar Shafir on scarcity shows that living in poverty might have serious consequences for cognitive functions and attention. Integrative approaches of well-being In order to promote health or well-being effectively, it is increasingly recognized that interventions should not focus on only one domain for example physical health , but on more domains for example social domain and physical health. Specializing in environmental policy at Wageningen University provides the basis for students to work as researchers, advisors, civil servants and policy makers and development organisations. In de voormalige kinderopvang ‘De Kleine Wereld’ in de After that you agreed on the exact research subject, you should register as a thesis student.

If you see a topic that you find interesting, or you have an idea about a suitable topic which fits in the CHL profile, you can contact the particular staff member to make an appointment or contact the education coordinator. For personal advice, please contact the education coordinator or plan an intake meeting online. If applicable, read the laboratory rules which you can download at the bottom of this page. Interventions using new technologies, e. Important to know is that the proposal trajectory entails a maximum of three meetings for the proposal writing.

Content Search box Breadcrumb. Before starting the thesis research, you will require some degree of nutritional knowledge.

General topics Consumer and technology from the user-perspective Application of technology in daily setting at household level Household production and care issues analysed by means of Practice theory Durability in the context of daily cooedinator e.

As soon as you have an idea or several about what you would like to study, contact your thesis coordinator who will help you to find an appropriate supervisor within the chair group Step 2.

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What are successful integrative interventions for well-being currently exist? Detailed information about these courses can be found at this website or in the Study Handbook of the Wageningen University. In that case, to quit smoking is simply not their top priority.


Have a look at our overview of thesis topics per supervisor. This fellowship will focus on This page provides information for students who are considering writing a MSc thesis under the supervision of GEO group. Health and society Food insecurity in the Global North, e. Communication and innovation dynamics Partnership for inclusive development Transdisciplinary research Ict and rural development.

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The following courses are required for SDC supervision: In the case you want to perform a thesis study at the industry or abroad, you follow the same procedure described above. More forms can be found and downloaded here from the OWI website. It is deemed more effective to help people with their financial, social, family problems, reduce stress and then aim for smoking cessation. Link to Education Maps Forms Below you can download some useful forms for your thesis or for your academic internship.

After that you agreed on the exact research subject, you should register as a thesis student. We have an weekly open question hour Wednesday Social capital I am a specialist on social capital, so any topic that is related to social capital, or social capital related to any topic is open for discussion. Writing a MSc thesis allows you to become an expert in a specific area that is closely linked to your personal interest and future career.

ENP PhD program Over the past 5 years, the number of PhD projects has increased considerably, with researchers coming from all parts of the world.

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Additionally you can do an internship coordinatod thesis at our department. Selecting of a topic The first step in working on a Master thesis is the selection of a topic.


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Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. Psychology of eating Behaviour change strategies Food environments and spatial design Nutrition education Nudging Design research for interventions eHealth and technology for healthy lifestyles Self-regulation processes in health behaviour e.

During this meeting you will discuss the research you are interested in and next steps in the organisation of the thesis. Note that students are only allowed to start a thesis when they have completed their Bachelors and the required ENP courses according to their Masters programme see study handbook.

To gain insight in what barriers and facilitators could play a role in the implementation process of integrative approaches, and what successful integrative approaches currently exist, a literature review would be very helpful.

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Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. Before you start an MSc thesis or an academic internship, you and your supervisors make a formal agreement, to the benefit and protection of all parties involved.

Students can use this overview get inspiration on their topic or to see which supervisors fit best their research. You are warmly invited to attend the colloquia.

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You can choose a thesis topic in consultation with the thesis coordinator. Content Search box Breadcrumb. Students are expected to prepare for the intake meeting by selecting one of the five research themes to do their MSc research in and one or two voordinator projects of interest that fall under that theme. What outcomes are affected by financial stress?